Early Birthday kodak bundle

The kodak brownie 127

Got some WELL early birthday presents from nics mum and dad. I loves it. First off is this kodak brownie a camera which takes 127 mm film. Which by the way is really hard to get hold of these days. Managed to find a place that still does it in the uk. here if by chance you ended up here looking for some. bit of history on it. Made in England introduced in the 50’s before coming a massive success then being shipped over to the states were it became known as the starlet. Some film is on it’s way I’ll keep you posted from what I can gather it rather randomly only takes 8 photos…brilliant.

The kodak hawkeye mod c

This is exciting, the kodak hawkeye. This takes 120mm film which I have a load of as my holga takes the same. So this baby is up and running. Basically it’s a box with a lens on it and a manual shutter. It’s as simple as it comes. Bit of history, this particualr model was a slightly “done up” model of the original which date back to the 1890s before kodak bought into it and re-issued it in the 1930s ish. Either way I can’t wait to see it’s results.

also managed to find the original manual online here.

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