Back to the Island

rothsay camping

Well it was about time again for a bit more camping as most of the weather forecasts had “predicted” it wouldn’t rain most of saturday. So straight after work me and a few others headed straight to central to catch the ferry. It’s amazing how much further your money goes out on these wee islands. Lets see, edinburgh day single…one train about £10. To rothsay £8.60 one train and a ferry. I know which adventure I’d rather have. SO to rothsay where we grabbed a taxi ro take us to kilchattan bay to the start of the west island way. I had camped here before and managed to get right round to the southern tip but as we arrived a little later the light was dimming and I’d already fallen on my arse. So we found a great spot about a mile and a bit along the path. Setup camp. The weather was awesome…still and really quiet. Found a load of drift wood on the beach so got a fire going. We bought far to much stuff for even 2 nights. The co-op on bute does have amazing disposable bbq’s though. Loads of stars out even seen a few shooting ones. Great fun in the dark on the beach looking for wood…even found a beach toad…who knew?

beach toad

Up in the morning and cooked up an awesome breakfast on the beach the wind had picked up a bit and the rain had even started a wee bit.

big breakfast

Some fellow campers went home on the early ferry while me and lee stayed on the bus and went round to port bannatyne for a bit of fishing off the pier. The sun had come out to play at this point. Much luck with the fishing few others there to, all fishing for mackerel. Mostly fishing with feathers, seems to be the way to go. Quick chip shop dinner (couldn’t be bothered cooking our fish as the rain was on) then back on the ferry home in time to watch overboard…just the job.

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