The Little Book of Little Polaroids

The Little Book of Little Polaroids

Whilst out looking for a new photo album for all my holga pictures I felt the need to buy a new notebook. I couldn’t help it…I think I just love stationary. I’ve also started cropping some of my images square, I’ve always wanted a polaroid camera but it always seemed like a bit of an expensive habit. More so now I have my holga.

So It was decided to turn my book into a tiny polaroid gallery. They aren’t actually polaroids I just printed 4 myself onto normal 7×5 photo paper then cropped them and stuck them down with masking tape. The plan was to write a wee description of each but my writing looks awful. Old skool doodle of the polaroid camera I nearly bought on the cover (also drawn to scale to the tiny polaroids (coincidence)).

I love it, decided to make them all black and white…no reason other than it looked cooler.

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  1. VickyBarber Says:

    hey, i was wondering where i could get a brown paper book like that, do you know wherei could get one 🙂

  2. Marlee Says:

    Hey 🙂
    I was wondering where you got this album from?


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