Where can I find Poptartsâ„¢?

where can I poptarts find in glasgow

For some reason I’m craving things that apparently don’t exsist anymore. Keep an eye out in your shops for poptarts…I LOVE THEM. or I did in 1996. The chocolate ones. Farmfoods in Maryhill doesn’t have them…or um bongo…it’s not looking good.

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  2. ct Says:

    China – they love ’em!!!!!

  3. Gary Wood Says:

    Right, another thing for me to find in Leith.

    So, Um Bongo, Pop Tarts, what was the third?

  4. bitsOfBobs Says:

    Cremola foam, you’ll never find that. Rumour has it they buried it all at sea.

  5. ct Says:

    Do they have helium in Leith? I have some, not a lot though.

  6. Gary Wood Says:

    If Leith doesn’t have it, it can get it.

  7. ct Says:

    that’s the ‘can do’ attitude that made it great!

  8. Gary Wood Says:

    Why are you using past tense ct? Why?

  9. ct Says:

    i’m not convinced there’s a lot of ‘can do’ people in leith. One or two – but not enough just yet to return it to the glory days.

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