Bank = Rubbish

halifax howard bank tiger

My missing bank card saga continues. After cancelling my card on wednesday they informed me it would be 10 – 14 days until my new card arrives. I was raging…Supposed to be going to Poland on thursday. Imagine my happiness when this morning a letter with a card arrived from RBS. Whoopi. Read through all the jingle jangle copy looking for information about a new pin number. Couldn’t find anything. So on my way to work this morning I took risk and used the card with my old PIN. CHOMP went the machine. Couldn’t beleive it. My new card lasted 20 mins from the postmans hands. Went into the bank where the guy just laughed and told all the cards the machine eats just get destroyed. Back to my bank where I confronted them about the above. The woman told me my new card is scheduled to arrive on monday..not today. So by pure coincidence I needed a new card anyway but as I cancelled it The day before it arrived, it was doomed from day one. Had I not cancelled it, it would have been even weirder as a new card would have just magically appeared. I should have just said nothing…there’s no money in my bank anyway. I’m with RBS but I just hate that Halifax Howard guy…and like tigers…it seemed like the right thing to do.

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