Weird fishes…

weird fishes sketch

Woohoo a while back me and macca got tickets to go see radiohead on the glasgow green…Chuffed. But recently I stumbled over sketch crawl. One day of every year, all over the world people get together and go on a sketch crawl, just drawing everything they see. Looked great fun. I hardly ever sit down and actually draw stuff. So this year, more drawing. Gonna get myself a decent sketchbook…do it properly. Also after seeing this, it had to be weird fishes.

3 Responses to “Weird fishes…”

  1. Gary Wood Says:

    I love it!

  2. Macca Says:

    Are you going to start a Glasgow one? Maybe I’ll draw a picture of my living room and blog it. I’m ace at drawing.

  3. bitsOfBobs Says:

    Well it’s this saturday if you fancy it? is it wrong that the only thing we’ll see all day Saturday is our living rooms?

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