Mr Frosty Hangover begone

Thought I’d whip out the old Mr frosty. Ideally wanted um bongo…but as we know it doesn’t exsist. However the lucozade slush puppy does remove all hints of hangover. Love it! In the process I also broke it…and I wasn’t even hungover. In other news I’ve lost my bank card. Finding stuff is much more fun than losing.

4 Responses to “Mr Frosty Hangover begone”

  1. Gary Wood Says:

    How long did that take??!?!?!

  2. bitsOfBobs Says:

    too long gary wood. Which is exactly why my mum never let me have one when I was 10. Not nearly as much fun as at looked on TV. Gonna get a sodastream next and stream some milk.

  3. Macca Says:

    That really does look like it took forever!

  4. bitsOfBobs Says:

    I told you I broke it…now I just have a large pointless snowman

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