Life would be simple in the forrest except for…

cyril sneer raccoons

As usual in the company of booze and friends conversation sways to favourite cartoons. The Raccoons, without a doubt the saddist cartoon to grow up to. Big epic music scores and the constant threat from that evil pink bastard Cyril sneer. Set somewhere in canda by the looks of it, you’re lead by the hero Burt Raccoon. Quite clearly a raccoon. Other character include 3 pigs, a couple of dogs and various extras for the reasons of plot like hens and dogs. But what is Cyril Sneer?…apart from a bit of a pink bastard. rumour has it some kind of ant eater…but it’s pretty badly drawn if that’s the case.

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  1. ct Says:

    Extensive research reveals that: “Sneer is a pink aardvark and the multimillionaire head of ‘Sneer Industries’. The greedy, ruthless Sneer is the series’ main antagonist; he is usually the brains behind a scheme to destroy Evergreen forest, the main characters’ home. His trademark is half a cigar in his mouth.” Source:

    Real life aardvark:

    Very different.

    Importantly though:
    “Character Developement – The first incarnation of Cyril in ‘The Christmas Raccoons’ is very much an uncaring, greedy and selfish individual. He mellows over the course of series, however. While still greedy, he occasionally shows that some things are genuinely more important to him than wealth — particularly his son, Cedric. He has also been a voice of experience, as shown when he helps persuade Lisa Raccoon to give up smoking.”

  2. bitsOfBobs Says:

    Racoons smoking eh. You’ll be struggling to find that kind of quality kids morning tv on the bbc now.

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