Another great little drawing challenge from comic artist James Howard (@themooks) Once again there’s tonnes of great entries over on his tumblr.

I love most of the stuff from the Coen brothers and their obsession with killing steve buscemi, but there’s some I love much more than others. I made my decision based on which one I had seen the most, I love the big lebowski. It’s in my top 10 easy so it was a bit of a no brainer…but which characters? there’s so many in that film to choose from, so I thought I would do a few. The dude had to be in (Jeff Bridges), Walter Sobchak (John goodman), Jesus Quintana (John Tuturro) and the stranger (Sam Elliott). I had originally just thought of doing the 2 Jeffrey Lebowski’s but there’s too many great characters in it to limit it (If I had more time I would do them all!)

You can see a bigger version of the illustration over on my Flickr.

It was a great excuse to watch it again, If you’ve never seen it I highly recommend…the dude abides.

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  1. Anders Sundstedt Says:

    Like the Coen Brothers character illustrations! Cool!

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