DIY ukulele


I was given this Ukulele kit for my birthday (thanks guys!) and my word was I excited about making it. I had never seen these and can’t even tell you where it came from as it was a present. The instructions were easy to follow and the actual bits are surprising well made, even if you were to build it without painting, it would still look great. The great thing about the set is it’s all completely blank so you can paint it up before fixing it together (be aware of this when laying out designs). The neck connects to the body with a wooden dove joint (be warned though the kit doesn’t come with wood glue which is necessary) and most of the other fixtures are screwed in place. It doesn’t make a lot of mess to build which is nice, I just made mine in front of the tv. The wood glue does take 24hrs to set and must be held tightly in place while doing so.


I worked back from what acrylics I had, I painted everything a base white first which didn’t take long at all. Then I sketched out some fridge magnet letters (making sure that randomly a swear word did not appear) after this I drew lines over the top with a 0.8 uni pin marker. I left it as it was but there is the option of giving it a clear gloss finish to seal it in. Biggest problem I have now is tuning it, I play guitar and can tune that but am struggling, for time being a certain little someone seems happy enough with it.


you can find a bigger picture to have a proper nosey up on my flickr.

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  1. Alicia Gómez Says:

    Hi! First of all, your ukulele is beautiful!
    I bought the Kit as also, but lost the instructions, i was wondering if you still have them somewhere and could help me with a picture.
    Thank you

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