Yeasayer @ Oran Mor


First gig of many this month, yeasayer @ Oran Mor. This was upgraded from king tuts due to demand, Mostly due to what looks like their successful support for bat for lashes earlier this year. Since then they have a new album out which I have to say is very much on constant repeat. Arrived good and early to catch the support Javelin just cause they sounded quite interesting. Turns out it was just two guys, one singing and the other battering a drum pad. It all loooked a bit made up on the spot, more like watching two guys in your living room, than an actual gig but funny with the occassional bit of mad dancing.

Then to the main act, I really liked them at Bat for lashes but wished I knew more about them. This was a good crowd although it was a total mixed bag, some had clearly done their homework and lots of singing followed by silly dancing quickly kicked in. The venue was packed and the first song off the new album sounded magic as an opener. I think it’s only once you’ve heard the album can you appreciate how much is going on in it, Watching live you soon realise (minus the drummer), everyone is pretty much juggling two instruments. Loved it, great atmosphere, good bit of banter but most of all a nice change of musical scenery.

On a childish note we decided the lead guitarist looked a cross between chris de burgh and rambo (first blood).

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