Little art lost. Beck : Guero

Bit of scale for you

For ages now I’ve been thinking about doing this, last night I got the ball rolling. I have a massive collection of Mini discs. I very much jumped on the bandwagon as soon as they came out. It still is to my mind the coolest format to keep music on. For ages now it seems my art work is getting smaller and smaller so it seemed like the right thing to do. Recently been doing alot of stuff with hand drawn type, looking back over my mini disc collection I tried to put nice writing on them but it just ended up looking like child scrawl. So I thought a nice wee project would be going back and turning each mini disc into tiny pieces of art. I’ve got some great albums and mixes that only exsist on mini disc so it only seems fair to do them justice. There’s plenty to keep me busy. I love that beck album, beck at his beckest. I think that was the last album I had to make it onto mini disc before everything went proper digital…sad indeed. I stilll very much use my mini disc and occasionally can be seen walking about with my portable…I’m so cool 🙂

Beck : Guero

The final dimension are about 3cm x 2cm.
Watercolour and 0.2 ink for the geeks.

Bigger one up on Flickr.

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  1. James Says:

    You’ve drawn how the album sounds! Clever stuff.

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