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Talking shop.

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Talking shop

Since moving house I’ve not really had much of a chance to play with the lovely wooden garage.

My dad has always been really handy when it comes to making stuff and has loads of tools (most of which I don’t even know what they do) so I’ve always been round them. Even from a young age I always helped my dad with whatever he was making, holding things steady or just blowing away sawdust while my dad did the dangerous stuff. I love this garage it has all the things in it that I love about my dads, especially the old furniture converted to garage use.

When we moved there were two big lovely wardrobes…we only needed one. I dismantled one to make some space but (just like my dad) held onto all the wood to play with one day.

I collect a lot of games consoles and had always wanted an arcade machine but realistically have never been in the position financially to shell out for one, or had the space to keep one. So given the size of the panels I had I set out to build my own and get to know my garage a bit. The previous owner was an electrician and clearly loved the space and spent a long time in it, having heat bars and storage heaters installed (we removed them as they were clearly a fire hazard).

This is my first attempt at building anything remotely useful and my intention is to build the whole cabinet without spending a penny but recycle everything out of the house that was destined to be thrown away. Working mostly with computers all day it’s been a great way of continuing to create while learning so much more practical useful things than techniques on a computer that will be dead in a few years.

All about the long term knowledge.