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Night Vs Day | Episode 1

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Night Vs Day | Episode 1 from bitsOfBobs on Vimeo.

My everyday job is animation and illustration but rarely do the two fields meet, It’s either my static illustrations or animating someone else’s illustrations/designs. I took it upon myself to make a self initiated animation project that would show all aspects of what I do.

Growing up I loved nothing better than rifling through the far side, short, sharp, surreal but ultimately hilarious cartoons. I wanted to make something which had the same impact but animated.

I had the idea walking to work one day, nocturnal animals…what do thy do during the day? Now I know the answer is sleep, but that’s not funny. I wanted to show the truth about what Britain’s wildlife gets up to while you think it’s sleeping, so Night Vs Day was born. What will be a series of short animations by myself.

All the line work is hand drawn and and animated using combinations of photoshop, flash and after effects. This has been a long time in the making and made between various other commitments and work.

Everything you see/hear was made by myself Rob Johnson, you can see more examples of my work at