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Laptops covered

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

It’s with a rather large amount of excitement I can introduce a little something I’ve been working on, Laptop/device cases. Much more practical than that laptop case actually made of lego. For a while now I’ve been looking into all sorts of avenues to apply some of my designs to, this is one I’ve wanted to do for a while. None of these are repeat patterns they are all hand drawn in all their lovely shoogly/squiffyness.

This was ordered from which is a Brooklyn based company as I couldn’t find anywhere else closer to home that made them to the quality finish I wanted. Brooklyn as you can imagine is quite a bit over the water so this turned out to be quite an expensive exercise, it did arrive in a 17″ “freshly baked in Brooklyn” pizza box which I can reveal nearly pushed me over the edge.

Now I have a product I’m looking to have some made here in the uk also using social media will hopefully drum up some useful contacts/exposure to make it happen. So it’s a bit of a call out really, are their any product designers or such that could recommend the next steps? I’m looking into materials and realise there is still quite a lot more cost involved before this becomes a reality but it’s the internet…anything can happen…right?

I’ve put some bigger pictures up on my flickr for the geeks.