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Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Hey everyone, I’m very happy to unleash a little side project I’ve been working on since I went freelance…BAWS! It’s just a bit of fun to get me rich quick if i’m honest. I had made the mechanism to randomly select lottery numbers years ago but never had the time to do anything with it. After turning freelance I decided to make the time. I started by designing 49 individual characters (no easy task) but turned out to be great fun. Each little character was then animated and brought to life before stringing the whole thing together. I even made some music for it. I’d love to actually make some of them but wouldn’t even know where to start…If someone can make me number 18 that would be great.

I don’t really play the lottery if i’m honest but I think we would all like to win it. So have fun playing with my baws and goodluck!*

You can find the site here.

and also if you want to just look at the characters you can see them all here.

*If you do win big time can you make me number 18 and buy me one of these…thanks