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People change

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Sitting down to watch The shinning for the umpteenth time I was doing some doodling (above) when I remembered I’d been here before. Many moons ago when I graduated from uni (2001 crikey) I really got into drawing using flash. It was a totally new concept to me, drawing with a computer I loved it. I’d draw things for the sake of drawing, I still do now. I made this in 2001 using flash.

Things I liked back then I still like now that hasn’t changed but as I’ve grown up all the technology around me has changed and with that so have influences. Now i’m freelancing i’m loving the freedom of getting to do what I want (and have people pay for it). The bulk of my design working life has been using flash but i’ve slowly but surely been moving into illustration. It’s looking like a difficult thing to get into and doesn’t look as glamorous as i’d first imagined but it’s still something i’d love to pursue. Doodle on!

Inside the sketchbook

Friday, June 24th, 2011

I love my sketchbooks, I’m never far away from one. I’ve a bit of a terrible habit of buying new ones without filling the others first. My name’s Rob Johnson and i’ve a stationary problem, there I’ve said it. When I finally do fill one it’s a rather momentous occasion, as you can see it’s taken me months. Drawing everywhere, on boats, buses, planes and shoogly trains. It didn’t seem right to just put it in the bookcase. So I Played around with after effects a bit and even made the music to present to you…my sketchbook. Enjoy.

The Forgotten Island

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Ladies & Gentlemen I proudly present to you…THE FORGOTTEN ISLAND. It’s been a long time in the making and a lot of hard work from everyone involved. The work was for the lovely Toads Caravan, an ace studio I’m working out of so big thanks to them for everything including all their lovely designs and ace site. None of this would exist however if it wasn’t for GIANT, an amazing Glasgow based company that provides children under 12 with curious and unexpected arts experiences. It’s really their vision and inspiration that made this project what it is, so big (Giant almost) thanks to them for that and making the project so fun.

The project brief was to support the forgotten Island, a mysterious Island that’s appearing somewhere in Glasgow…it’s all very mysterious and if you want to find out more go have a read over on the site.

Together with Toads Caravan we designed a game based around each of the environments on the island. Each section had it’s own little character and these were great fun to animate. The environments were huge amounts of photoshop, and…well…mad. The whole project was great fun, start to finish. So please take a few minutes head on over and play the game. More important than this though…VISIT the island! once it’s appeared of course.