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Involver : Student voice-o-meter

Friday, February 18th, 2011

The lovely people over at Involver asked for my help to design & illustrate a lovely little online/offline tool for UK students 7-18 to improve their school councils and student voice. I put together this little video to brush up on my after effects and promote some illustration. I also made the plinky plonky music.

Can view a slightly bigger one in HD here if your eyes need more.

Diana F+

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Thanks everyone for commenting on the below blog, lots of lovely comments and nice to see where all the regulars hide. Just to update you all I’ve finished a roll of film and have sent it away, so should be back in the next few days. Excited to see how they come out, hopefully set everything up properly. The film I’ve been given was colour film but the weather has been pretty rubbish past couple of days and would suit black & white better. I didn’t use the flash in the first run…too scared of it 🙂 i’m half way through my second roll and tonight if it’s a clear night, I’ve my tripod with me so hopefully get something ace.

I made a little Illustration of the Diana F+ just cause it’s such a lovely bit of kit. You can see a bigger one here.

Thanks again everyone.

Loblography challenge

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Hello everyone. If you’ve watched the video you now know what’s going on, if not let me enlighten you a bit. About 2 weeks ago I entered a competition (let it be known I never enter competitions) over at The competition would consist of 10 bloggers (once selected) who would battle it out over the space of 2 weeks, blogging away however they see fit using the diana F+ camera and 3 rolls of film lomography would supply. All you had to do was write in the follwing:A little bit about you, the address of your blog and why you want to take part. So i’ll include what I wrote, I was only honest…


Hello, my name’s Rob Johnson

I’m an illustrator/designer/animator/photographer based in Glasgow. I love all things creative and love nothing more than finding/sharing things on the Internet.


Some links

My blog
My lomo
My Flickr
My portfolio
My twitter


Last week I handed in my notice at my job and as of March I’m working for myself and going freelance…scary stuff. For the month of February I’m looking on gathering as much traffic to my portfolio/blog and this could tie in perfectly. Twitter is the main reason I left my job and am going seeking new opportunities whilst harnessing all social networks…facebook etc. My blog receives a lot of traffic and I’m always on the look out for new challenges and creative ideas. I love this I think it’s a great little campaign, I work in advertising and would kill (not really, don’t worry) for the chance to do this. Would love to own an LC-A+ but am in no position to afford to spend a penny 🙁 I’ve been using my Holga for a few years now and love it.”

THAT got me selected in the top 10! I WAS OVER THE MOON! I got a lovely email back explaining I was through and that the camera was on it’s way…I was fizzing with excitement. Also in the email were links to the other 9 selected blogs, like minded people from all sorts of creative backgrounds. The first thing that hit me was the average amount of comments left on their blog posts, my blog gets quite a lot of traffic but nobody hardly ever leaves comments (i’m all about the banter). In order to win this competition I need comments, so with that in mind I’m having my own competition. Leave your name on this post and you instantly enter MY COMPETITION to win an framed original bitsofbobs painting HOORAH!

Lomography are kindly processing the 3 rolls of film for us for free which is nice, I’ve already finished 1!. Other things to note, I will be blogging my adventures with the camera as I go and will keep you all updated but ultimately it can only be one blog post that wins it so please take the extra minute to leave a comment here…you might win, I might win. Thanks everyone, good luck.

*PLEASE NOTE I got the dates wrong in the video, the competition is running until 2nd March. Thanks everyone & Good luck!*

Barry knows best

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Monday Is officially the sexiest Monday of the year! making the most of it I’ve made a super sexy valentines playlist, get your sexy ears round it here. Started making a little doodle of Barry white, realised how difficult it is to develop an illustration style and still have people that are recognisable. Next month sees me going freelance and I’ve the total fear that my portfolio site is maybe a bit too consistent, which I don’t think is a bad thing but it would be good to show some variation. With that in mind I drew this in Flash…an alternative if you like.

You can’t really see it here, go have a proper nosy at the big one on flickr.

Happy Valentines day when it turns up…who bought the worst present then?

Folk yeah

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

A little Monday morning doodle with a splash of colour. Folk Yeah! Bigger one up on flickr

Mixtape : Jingle Jangle Spacey Acey

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Jingle Jangle Spacey Acey! A collection of lovely weird jangly music. You can have a listen here if you use Spotify. Thought I’d get the paints out, all the colour is acrylic and I took the inspiration from a rather lovely ladybird book from the 70’s on space exploration.

Some bigger pictures up on flickr.