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Who’s having haggis tonight?

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Just remember what you’re eating 🙂

Read what you write

Monday, January 17th, 2011

I’m making a bit more of an effort to spend more time with the written element of my blog. It’s all to easy to publish something without actually reading the whole post, my grammar and spelling is suspect at the best of times. I can’t guarantee it will be a better read but it’s good practice.

This little doodle was for a spotify playlist I made back in November 2010, it seems like that was ages ago now. I had all the elements drawn up but hadn’t actually get round to scanning them in until now. We all need a splash of colour, It’s been a dark and cold start to 2011 so here’s a little feast for your eyes and ears.

You can find the playlist here.

For the doodle geeks you can find a bigger doodle here.

The little Ukulele

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Still catching up on Christmas presents I made. This was for my brother, he’s a good bit older than me and moved out for uni years before me. I’m quite lucky I suppose growing up with all sorts of musical influences. A brother who listened to stone roses/the cure/inspiral carpets/ride/radiohead to name but a few and a sister who loved nothing more than duran duran/deacon blue/hue & cry. I could pick and choose from whoevers cd collection I wanted, at a time when I wasn’t buying any myself.

My brother used to have a guitar but got rid of it when he went to uni. So I thought this seemed fitting. I bought a white Ukulele and decided to cover it in some of the bands I’m grateful he forced me to listen to 🙂 for this I used a Zig permanent marker which my resident toy shop owner recommended…thanks that man. It was great, nice and fine, dried quick and seemed smudge proof. As far as I know this is the only ukulele with the shamen on it in the world. As well as the Ukulele I got his wife a stylophone drumkit…all you need for a jam on Christmas day.

While I’m talking Ukulele’s check out the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain…made me laugh a lot.


Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Happy new year! I have been a busy bunny over Christmas, even more frustrating was the fact I couldn’t show anyone. Now Christmas is out the way I can finally show you you what I’ve been up to.

Whilst away on my Honeymoon last year I played a lot of chess, the large amount of sunshine did play a huge part in this. It was one of those huge big sets that you need both hands to move the bits…right on the beach, Loved it. So it made perfect sense to me to get my wife a chess set for Christmas.

I started looking around for a nice antique board and some unusual pieces…turns out, chess boards are extremely collectable and quite hard to find. I looked everywhere…antiques shops, ebay, charity shops, everyone seems to have one but nobody wants to sell them. Eventually I stumbled over this lovely antique board. I made a decision to make the pieces myself so I needed the board first to get sizes and find out if the board holds them etc. The pieces are made from super sculpey which is basically modelling clay you bake solid in the oven (think posh fimo) I had used it before to make a friends wedding toppers so knew it was great fun to use. The only time I really had to make the pieces was during my lunchtime at work, Luckily I had it started about 3 months ago. The biggest problem making the pieces, was making them so they were still recognisable as their well known staunton design. I just made this up as I went, didn’t draw them, just tried till it looked right. I made the “happy” set first…

Once the set was made I hit the next problem…baking. Hmmm I needed to use my oven without my wife knowing…there was a lot of waking up at 1am to use the oven. Each piece once baked was painted with a base layer of white gouache they needed about 4 coats each for a good covering. Best I could I tried to match the base colours of the board with just run of the mill gouache.

I wanted to make the opposition slightly different, I thought I might as well if I’ve got to make them anyway. So I set to mixing it up a bit but not too much of a departure from the others so you still know what’s what.

These bits didn’t need nearly as many coats, which was lucky as I was running out of time fast. Once the bits had a base layer I dry brushed some lighter and darker tones onto it to make it look a bit older. The finishing touch was a spray of matt varnish, thought it wouldn’t have looked right shiny. I managed to find an old chess set which came in a lovely box…unfortunately my pieces didn’t fit in with the lid on, but it does the job.

put some bigger pictures up on flickr if you want a bigger nosey.