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Old Skool Wrapping

Friday, December 17th, 2010

I get right into this Christmas malarky. This is the present I got for my wife, you always see the proper disney drawn presents but never actually get one. So I set to it, recreating a classic Christmas present. It’s basically one of these manwrapped with some ribbon on it. But it sure does look pretty, and we all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts 🙂

Also was looking to add a video of some old skool rap for gags sake when I stumbled over this little bit of madness from 1973 before rap knew what rap was.

Home made Christmas Crispy Pancakes

Friday, December 10th, 2010

I love filthy food, I love Christmas and this makes me very happy. Growing up I loved findus crispy pancakes then one day they decided to just stop making them (although a little birdy tells me they’re coming back…YAS). You just can’t top a Christmas dinner so it made perfect sense in my head to MAKE MY OWN CHRISTMAS CRISPY PANCAKES.

First things first what’s a crispy pancake made of? I had a look around on the internet to see if anyone else had tried to make them (I assumed someone would have had a go) apparently not so I just made it up 🙂

To start with I made some pancakes (delias recipe off the BBC) which made 5 pancakes in a relatively big pan about 15″ in diameter. I put them aside and skinned some sausages (3), mixed with paxo and made some stuffing. While all that was going on I also steamed 2 chicken breasts, and fried some onions for the gravy (oh yes…GRAVY). Once everything was cooked and ready, I took the pancakes and added all the filling topped with onion gravy. This was the tough bit how to stick it shut…hmm. It wasn’t really just going to hold its own so whisked up some eggs and used it like glue on the inside, frying it on both sides to seal it shut. After this I took the parcel dipped it in more egg then covered it in Ruskoline before frying it again on both sides. While I made the others I finished them all in the Oven at about 150 degrees. The final things were huge, I only managed 1. Everything about them was pretty much bang on, right taste, right consistency and as filthy as I hoped they would be. Let it be known I made a right mess in the making.