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Gathering Dust

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

This is actually Octobers playlist. I’ve been a tad busy of late making christmas presents but I can’t show you them for obvious reasons. This little doodle has sat in my sketchbook rather ironically gathering dust for a good few weeks. Something satisfying about drawing triangles then colouring them up with 3 colours so the same colours never touch. They’ll be a mathmatical equation somewhere…

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the musical inspiration, mostly off of twitter and facebook. As usual you can have a listen to the playlist here and you can also find a bigger image of the doodle here.


Mixtape : Dark as Folk

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

Another month has shot past. My blog is looking a bit scanty at the moment, all the fun things i’ve been doing have been christmas presents for people so you’ll have to wait for January probably. This is my 2nd Mixtape effort. I love doing these, I’ve always loads of playlists made up anyway so choosing tracks is never an issue. I do listen to all kinds of music…not everything is to my taste but i’d like to think I had an eclectic taste. This however makes for a problem, sending music to a complete stranger…RISK! So for this playlist I opted for Dark as Folk. I love folk music…All kinds, from all eras. The best thing about them are the stories, so this is a collection with slightly sinister undertones but still great songs all the same (well…I think so).

I had all great intentions to paint a really dark sinister cover but just ended up doodling all over it. Used a brush pen for a change, was nice just to use something different but still prefer my fine liners. The bulk of the cover is also marked with a slightly darker brown letraset marker, The original cardboard colour can be seen on the cover (the light bit). On the inside I painstakingly used a scalpel to remove strips of card making a dark brown grill which I mouted to the inside to right the tracks into, Liked this alot. For the CD I just kept it nice and simple. I hope the recipient likes folk music…

If you want some bigger pictures to look at I put some up on my Flickr.

Scary Biscuits!

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

BOO! I’m a little late with this one. My alternative Halloween playlist. Been so busy lately, mostly making peoples outfits 🙂 Ended up at a fancy dress party in a community centre…as you do. I went as freddy krueger so ended up plastering this special effects wax all over my face & using all my wifes expensive make-up. The wax was great, but as my face heated up (ie silly dancing) it slowly melted and proceeded to slide off my face into whatever I was drinking. A really cheap bar ended with me losing Sunday to a rather evil hangover. Some great costumes…here’s some highlights. Oh and our Dj was Beetlejuice.

The playlist is here. For the doodle geeks there’s a bigger one here.