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Mixtape : Science Funktion

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Been thinking of doing this for a while now, The mixtape project is a great little monthly project. The idea is simple, Loads of awesome illustrators get randomly paired together and you send them a mixtape (actually a cd) of anything you like and they send you one. More here.

So here is my efforts…Science funktion! a spacey megamix of awesomeness. Bit of risk here, if the recipient doesn’t like one of the songs they’re pretty much going to hate them all 🙂

It’s all hand drawn with the exception of the CD label which was printed straight onto a white topped CDR. Also I used my 3d doodle pad to make the whole inside a slighty futuristic trippy shoogly 3d! (with glasses included of course)

I put the tracklist into Spotify as best I could which is here if you want to listen.

I Also have good bit bigger pictures up on my flickr if you want a nosey.

Meet the mugglins

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Theo & Mildred to be precise. Theo works full time fixing pocket watches while Mildred chooses not to work but just collects shiny things. I haven’t done any painting in ages. I’ve been doing alot of searching round ebay for various old relics for other projects & it’s amazing the stuff you find. I love looking at old photos, even better postcards (especially ones that have been written & sent) families history which has just somehow ended up for sale in a shoebox, quite sad.

When it comes to painting I always struggle with colour, It drives me nuts. So this seemed like a logical solution. It’s A4 in size and painted with Acrylics. Just a bit of fun. There’s a bigger one up on Flickr

Back to mine

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Come round my house and listen to some music. A collection of music that’s turned up here and there. Thanks to everyone who contributed (there’s lots of wee gems in there). Enjoy, you can find the playlist here.

If you want a big look at the doodle you can find that here.