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The Tiny Little Shootout

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

What is this? well… A good few months back I got married, as a wedding gift from some lovely people at work bought me these huge sweetie jars. For ages now I’ve been looking for something to put in them. Decided that sweeties would be far too dangerous…but what’s more dangerous than a tiny shootout! I’ve been collecting a lot of old toys for a while now and gathering items for another project I have on the go (carboots, antiques fairs & ye olde ebay). I spotted these old lead figures of cowboys then it hit me…(Let it be known nothing other than cacti grows in my flat, I grew my own chilli plant but it didn’t last very long. Long enough though to make a fairly potent chilli oil) a tiny coral shootout!. So walking round B&Q one day I spotted everything else I needed to complete my tiny little shootout. Ace!

The pictures are a bit bigger on flickr if you want a nosey.

Safety in numbers

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

A little coloured up doodle out of the sketch book.

bigger one up on Flickr.

Back to basics

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Another really quick month has nearly flown by. Been having lots of fun. Lots of busy weekends seeing friends & family. Even managed to squeeze in some fishing and caught my first trout on the fly, gutted, cooked and ate it (A real man moment). Had a ceilidh at a good school friends wedding party in the local town hall where I grew up. Been doing lots of drawing and finding lots of great online projects. Inspired by all the great all the splendid wee projects via twitter I’ve set up a group on flickr. The idea’s easy. Make an awesome spotify playlist and draw/design/make an album cover for it…just for fun. Here’s the group here.

So here it is, sit back and let it massage your ears. It’s a little earlier than usual (but still going to add tunes until the end of the month) is this months spotify playlist. It’s a monster, It’s almost hemorrhaging awesome music.

For the doodle geeks here’s a bigger image of the artwork.

Transform a triangle

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

I love twitter it offers such great distractions. Stumbled over another great flickr group via twitter. Was all started here it’s a dead easy concept, download the template then fill it up however you fancy, the only rules being it needs to be in black & white. Which I did supply to the flickr group but I couldn’t resist adding a big swatch of colour to it. Go join the fun!

Also put a big one up on Flickr for the geeks.

Enzo the Sleekit

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

There is story to this madness. This all came about on twitter…here to be precise. European panda, that was pretty much the brief, Illustrate a european panda. The only rule was it had to be in Black & white. I added a splash of colour just to this one but you can see the original and some others take on it over in the Flickr pool. I love this kind of stuff, random briefs…I was going to be doodling anyway…Twitter is great for random doodle banter. More of it I say :).

If you want a bigger better look at the original,l there’s a big one on Flickr.

Over the moon

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Another month flown by. Great month for holiday goers. Feels like everybody I know has been away on holiday somewhere this month including me & the wife. Finally got round to getting away on our honeymoon a full 3 months after the wedding, it was well worth the wait. Mauritius was the destination…WE LOVED IT. But now the honeymoon period is over and it’s back to it. So If you’re struggling a bit with the holiday blues here’s the best stumble of music over the past month. If you’ve stumbled over this by some musical doodle accident then I’m trying to get other people involved in it. The idea is simple every month put together a playlist of music that somehow finds it’s way to you…twitter, radio in the pub etc then just doodle a cover for it. EVERYONE loves music in some shape or form.

You can find the playlist here.

If you want to see the doodle that bit bigger, you can find it on my Flickr here.