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Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

What a month it’s been, as you can see I’ve not blogged in a while. Why? I hear you cry…cause a few weeks back I got married…WOOHOO! it’s another blog post in itself, I’ll get there soon. But for time being here’s another bit of doodle art and a collection of music that’s got me through the month. Spotify just had a massive update making sharing playlists a load easier but I like my monthly album challenges, so I’m going to keep battering them out.

Here you go…it’s a tad eclectic…ENJOY

Bigger one up on Flickr

Marching on

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

marching on doodle

I’ve been a busy bunny of late…probably too busy if i’m being honest. I get married 2 weeks tomorrow, I can’t wait…but have to so i’m dealing with it. Not been a great deal of blog activity for a while, been making so much stuff for the wedding but don’t want to ruin any surprises…so expect a blog splurge in a couple of weeks.

One thing I do always make time for is music, I’ve done nothing but sing spotifys praises but still haven’t bit the bullet and bought premium. I can’t keep up with all the music my ears want to listen to so i’ve made a little mission for myself…EVERYDAY make an effort to chuck any music that grabs my fancy into a playlist and At the end of the month draw up a cover for it and share it with anyone that will listen. I love finding great music and spotify is great for ending up on musical tangents. A couple of rules to self, no doublers one song by one artist per playlist. No genre restrictions just anything goes. It is a tad eclectic but there are also some great albums in there to.

The doodle was just a pen and ink scanned in then using fellow workmates (defmech) nifty little colour scheme generator colortoy, (which I just couldn’t do without) filled in using photoshop. I hardly ever get round to colouring stuff up so it makes a nice change. I’m going to hard sell colortoy cause it is awesome…Also he made it into a wee Iphone app which I recommend to, lots of new exciting things on his next update well worth the pennies.

So, I’ve rambled enough here is the playlist ENJOY…everyone loves music and I know there’s a big doodling/blogging/music loving community out there so if anyone wants to play this game…feel free, it’s only a bit of fun. Might make a Flickr Group. Also a bigger drawing up on Flickr.