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Zombie Zombie @ Mono

Friday, February 19th, 2010


This had the makings of something awesome, mostly because I knew nothing about them whatsoever other than an genius wee video they have recreating The Thing with action Figures (see below). The gig was in Mono…not stereo, don’t get confused…and certainly don’t say that things sound better in stereo, not the case. Support came from Findo Gask, again a name i’d heard but knew nothing. They were great, all kitted out matching kraftwerk-esque outfits and played music that could only be described as end of level boss music for any game on your amiga.

To the main event, I’m not a massive John Carpenter fan but was keen to see in the crowd who was…they were easy to spot. The band is made up of 2 french guys and I can only describe them as creepy version of air. A massive high Five to both guys (I only got to high five the keyboard player on the way out) but the drummer was amazing…and my word was he french. Loved the gig and glad this kind of stuff is going on, the venue was mobbed so hopefully this will open a few doors to more kind of stuff like that. High Five GFT.

Took my big slr to the gig…glad I did, got some belters…they’re here.

Yeasayer @ Oran Mor

Thursday, February 18th, 2010


First gig of many this month, yeasayer @ Oran Mor. This was upgraded from king tuts due to demand, Mostly due to what looks like their successful support for bat for lashes earlier this year. Since then they have a new album out which I have to say is very much on constant repeat. Arrived good and early to catch the support Javelin just cause they sounded quite interesting. Turns out it was just two guys, one singing and the other battering a drum pad. It all loooked a bit made up on the spot, more like watching two guys in your living room, than an actual gig but funny with the occassional bit of mad dancing.

Then to the main act, I really liked them at Bat for lashes but wished I knew more about them. This was a good crowd although it was a total mixed bag, some had clearly done their homework and lots of singing followed by silly dancing quickly kicked in. The venue was packed and the first song off the new album sounded magic as an opener. I think it’s only once you’ve heard the album can you appreciate how much is going on in it, Watching live you soon realise (minus the drummer), everyone is pretty much juggling two instruments. Loved it, great atmosphere, good bit of banter but most of all a nice change of musical scenery.

On a childish note we decided the lead guitarist looked a cross between chris de burgh and rambo (first blood).

Little art lost. The Vines : Highly Evolved

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

The vines highly evolved

Another mini disc dug out the collection. The vines, where did they disappear to? 2002 at the height of their career and big nme hype for their single get free…then poomf gone. It is actually a rather average album, one of which I will never own on CD and never download so I quite like the fact it will only ever exist on mini disc.

Little art lost. Beck : Guero

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Bit of scale for you

For ages now I’ve been thinking about doing this, last night I got the ball rolling. I have a massive collection of Mini discs. I very much jumped on the bandwagon as soon as they came out. It still is to my mind the coolest format to keep music on. For ages now it seems my art work is getting smaller and smaller so it seemed like the right thing to do. Recently been doing alot of stuff with hand drawn type, looking back over my mini disc collection I tried to put nice writing on them but it just ended up looking like child scrawl. So I thought a nice wee project would be going back and turning each mini disc into tiny pieces of art. I’ve got some great albums and mixes that only exsist on mini disc so it only seems fair to do them justice. There’s plenty to keep me busy. I love that beck album, beck at his beckest. I think that was the last album I had to make it onto mini disc before everything went proper digital…sad indeed. I stilll very much use my mini disc and occasionally can be seen walking about with my portable…I’m so cool 🙂

Beck : Guero

The final dimension are about 3cm x 2cm.
Watercolour and 0.2 ink for the geeks.

Bigger one up on Flickr.