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Running on empty

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Running on empty

Well it’s all busy busy at the momment. Been trying to design my wedding invites so haven’t had much time for anything else between that and work. So Friday I got in from work put my feet up, got all my arts and crafts gear out and did a bit of painting, didn’t feel much like dinner as I’d had a huge lunch. Saturday morning up at 0440 barf-a-rama, nasty. This continued through most of Saturday and left me just grumpy and run down on Sunday. I’d had food poisoning before but this seems to have just come and gone in enough time to remove my weekend and have me just fit enough to get back to work on Monday. So as a fingers up to illness I took it upon myself to do something constructive. After the loss of the awesome fontCapture website I found an alternative. It’s called scanahand and is part of FontCreator. So basically you hand draw each individual letter on the given sheet then scan it in, The app seems quite simple and does do what it says on the tin but it does look to have alot more functionality in terms of kerning and letter spacing. The wee app is $49 and seems to do the business. I did look about for free alternatives but it seems they don’t want to play and want you to pay instead.

So here it is if you want it my no frills, no fuss, food poisoning inspired font…running on empty. Enjoy. Some more up on Dafont this one will be soon.

Bored to death

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Bored to death

I’m a massive fan of twitter, I like the nonsense that goes with it. This little doodle was part of a little flickr group setup called skull nation It’s great to see loads of others people takes on it. This one took me a while a turned out to be a bit of a beast. I normally doodle on the train to and from work but I got quite into this one and the train proved pretty difficult, worse though was the reactions of others on the train thinking they were clearly sitting next to a nutter. There’s a bigger one on flickr.

Open end

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Domino doodle

Been so busy of late trying to sort my wedding invites It’s been difficult to make time for anything else. They should be sorted soon though so there will be a splurdge of activity. I’ve been making toys with my sewing machine and also have about 8 doodles on the go at the momment. This one I kind of forgot about, started it ages ago. Loads more of it up on flickr. I keep this doodle book in my camera bag, luckily I keep scans of all my stuff, some rain water crept in and splodged a good bit of my older ones. Bigger one here if you want to look.

Into 2010

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Happy new year

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! Hope it was awesome and everyone started 2010 as they meant to go on? I’m not assuming everyone is going to be drunk all year round. I had a great festive period, travelled about between Stonehaven, St andrews and Glasgow. I had a magic Christmas haul including a great book on making stupid sock creatures, ALL the where’s wally books and a SEWING MACHINE! Not been blogging much just been taking it easy and generally sitting about in my pjs constantly eating, drinking, drawing, watching films and playing board games.

First day back at work today and it is very much a shock to the system, breakfast…not a time I’ve celebrated much in the past few weeks. Need to get back into routine, 3 meals a day instead of just constant snacking. Lots of things to look forward to this year, biggest one is getting married. Not long either…April…zoiks. Is it wrong to be looking at holidays on your first day back?