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Camera Club

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

My ever growing camera collection

This doodle has been ages in the making. Started back last september when I had just bought my holga. It’s not actually taken me that long to do, just every couple of months I had a new camera to add to it. The final piece is on A3 and was drawn in pencil before ink. Scanned it then added a wee splash of colour in photoshop a nice shade of fudge. There’s a bigger one here if anyone wants a looky.

I’ve still a few other doodles in the making that have just been floating about a while, will get them finished at some point. It’s all been a bit hectic of late.

Morrisons : Pie squared

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Morrisons mince pie

Morrisons deep filled mince pies. 6 for £1.19 or 2 packets for £1.80…I wasn’t fooled, I only bought one pack. Packaging was particularly chirstmas tacky, stars, christmas trees etc and the pies themselves on the cover didn’t look that great. Now these pies claimed to be deep filled, not the case as the pies turned out to be mostly…case. These were hard work and really dry, needed alot of tea to get it down. I gave most of these away at work…just because I couldn’t endure the pack. I still have a cheeky tesco finest one at home, still on top at the moment.

Overall a disappointment pay the extra 4 pence at tesco as it stands. I was going to give these pies 3 out of 10 but for some reason they’ve annoyed me while writing, so now they’re only getting 2.

One for the builders me thinks

Tesco : Pie eyed

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

tesco mince pie

I’m a big fan of our local tesco it always does good stuff at a reasonable price. These were there finest…apparently. I just assume they slap the word finest on everything just to bump the cost up a bit, these however only cost £1.23 for 6. Even at finest standard, a bargain compaired to starbucks solitary butter beast. First impressions were good, nice box, not overly christmassy. Non offensive.

Taste wise pretty decent, could have done with a bit more filling. The pastry was bang on and had a nice coarse sugary coating. This pie had been laced with cognac, not too much but a nice hint. Nicest one so far and at a decent price. I give it 8.5 pies just because tesco have so many different kinds of mince pies and can’t believe that for their finest these should be that cheap.

It's good but it's not quite right