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Milk and 2

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

milk and 2...if you're making?

Well, this weekend my wife to be is away leaving me free reign over everything. Quickly I setup my xbox and played games until I was numb. Left the dishes and rummaged through the fridge and freezer for anything I could just eat that didn’t require a plate. The flat is full of possibilities, today was actually quite a nice day and I did consider heading out for a little cycle, ultimately I couldn’t be bothered putting socks on.

Hidden away down the back of the sofa are all my arts and crafts booty, There’s allsorts. A collection that has gathered over many years. Sat about watching some discovery channel LA ink was on. It’s crap tv but some of the art they do is pretty cool, anyway to the point, they had this women on who wanted one of her paintings as a tattoo. It made me a bit envious cause painting was something I always wanted to be better at. Then I remembered I had loads of paints…right then…what to paint. Nic has quite alot of nice art about the flat. I recently added a few bits including a nice photo I took in Skye, which she blew up and framed and my sigur ros poster. But I didn’t actually have any of my stuff framed…hmmm. A few weeks back I tiled our kitchen and whilst admiring my handy work and doing the dishes noticed a big frame hanging above the sink from ikea with some nice but pretty average artwork, coffee mug related. That’ll do nicely. I found some proper heavy duty oil paint paper while I was having a little tiday up that was just the right size.

Took me best part of 5 hours to do all in all (whilst watching random documentries). Mixture of gouache, watercolour and acrylic paint. So it’s Milk and 2 (tea or coffee) if you’re making. Right, back to playing games now.

Bigger one here if you want it.

My desktop for your desktop

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

doodle desktop

Been drawing this for a while over a series of lunchtimes. Drawn in pencil first then finished with a 0.2 uni pin fine line. Looks great on my desktop. get yours here.

Night time’s the right time

Friday, October 23rd, 2009


Was at a gig on Monday night at ABC (Bat for lashes for all those interested) and on the way home after the gig noticed how awesome Glasgow looked at night. I had no cameras with me for the sake of not getting stopped at the gig and was gutted as I could have taken about 30 amazing photos. So, decided when I got back I was going to make an effort to get all my gear out (tripods etc) and have an evening Photoshoot about town. I’m always heading out at lunch time snapping and know where all the good wee lanes and alleys etc are like the back of my hand (just don’t know the names…sorry :)). A friend from work who’d also just spent a ridiculous amount on new lenses was up for it also,always better to buddy up. Was a bit nervous more than anything heading out as I thought loads of people would give us hassle, the exact opposite, loads of people stopped for a chat and ended up having loads of good banter with folks. Felt really relaxed and were just surrounded by loads of amazing architecture, we both went mental. Loved it, The whole expedition was sponsored by bar 91, black friars and adlib. Wouldn’t have been right not to have a few cheeky pints. Today I feel hungover.

Will definately be doing that again. If you’re into it and fancy tagging along give us a bell/email was a great night. More results on my Flickr.

Strike the pose

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

New books make me happy

Since I filled my last doodle pad been on the lookout for something new to practice drawing. I got some book vouchers from work from my birthday and thought i’d invest in some good reference books. First up (right book) is fashion illustration school. A lovely illustrated book which outlines all there is to know on fashion illustration. Bit random you might say but i’m always trying to draw people and can never quite get the proportions right. It’s easy to draw objects there’s a certain amount of room for error with most things. But when it gets to drawing people you can always spot the slightest mistake. This book outlines the main difference between men and women (yes yes very good, ignoring the obvious ones) chapters on hands and feet and also covers a variety of drawing and painting methods. One thing the book did lack however was full figure references which the other book (left book) new fashion figure templates is full of. It’s basically a book of full body poses sketched with and without clothes. Perfect. I have no intent on getting into fashion illustartion just would love to be able to draw people on the fly like in comics. It’s been real good fun but very time consuming. I am getting round to putting them all somewhere useful but was going to wait until the book was full. Might be a while. I’ve still been using my letraset promarkers and am really happy with the results. Practice makes perfect.

lets call him jim

You will? excellent, that saved some embarrassment

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

A simple yet life changing equation

I’M GETTING MARRIED! get that for a blog entry. Most folk know it by now. I should have done it ages ago (blog that is) but I’ve been planning a wedding. It’s nearly all done woohoo. I proposed on the banks of loch lomond a bit before midnight under a meteor shower (back in august) which by the way are tough to organise 🙂 I’m getting married in April 2010 and very much looking forward to it. Oh…and so is nic…my fiance.

Carbeth Fishery

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

My dad shows me how it's done

I dabble with fishing…well, compaired to my dad who loves it. My folks been down for a bit over the weekend so me and my dad thought we should squeeze some in somewhere. Just 20 mins up the road from me is Carbeth fishery, I’d seen it from the road but never been in. We headed off. My dad fishes everything from sea fishing to fly fishing, I’d been fly fishing before but remembered how frustrating it was trying to cast. For my birthday my folks got me loads of fishing gear including a fly rod and a few select flys my dad knew where winners so I did arrive armed. The setup they have there is pretty cool. They hire alot of the gear there and have a decent sized shop that as well as selling bait and other fishing bits, sells snacks and juice. It has two big ponds, one for kids where you can bait fish and another slightly bigger pond at the back for fly fishing. We decided to for 4 hours catch and release which cost us £10 each pretty good for a quick bit of fishing. My dad landed one straight off, nice little rainbow trout but I struggled. Towards the end was getting good at casting, it’s all timing and had to endure a few patronising lessons from my dad showing me how easy it was (choosing to ignore the 50+ years of practice he has on me). Eventually I did hook a few but still need the practice playing them, they got off. You live and learn. Plenty of fish rising and a lovely day for it. Recommend it, if only for a practice. More info here.

Root of the problem

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Toothache uh oh

What a trauma I had the week before last. Toothache, I hate the dentist not in a off the cuff remark about liking them kind of way, but an actual phobia of dentists. About 2 years ago I had a bit of an incident coming off a bike which lead to me chipping one of my front teeth (there it is if you want a laugh). I was in no great hurry to get to the dentist and have just lived with it. Recently one of my other teeth cracked at the back resulting in an almighty pain, an I can’t sleep pain. I had to bite the bullet and setup an appointment to the dentist. Last time I was at the dentist I had to be knocked out as I had somehow developed an over sensative gag reflex which meant a dentist could come no-where near me without me feeling like I was going to spew on their face (appar4ntly it’s quite common). Luckily now. I’m over the worst of it. Found a really nice dentist who sat me down and helped me work through it. So my pain fix consisted of root canal work. Yummy. Now as well as getting my teeth fixed I’m getting my little front stumpy one back. Ace.

King Johnson

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

king for a day

About 2 weeks ago I received my first credit card. It was an epic task trying to find somewhere to give me one as I had no credit history what so ever. So with new shiny credit card to my name I went and made my single biggest purchase, a king size bed. Awesome. I love it. Past week I’ve been off so it has very much made my holiday. Did have a double bed before but this seems huge by comparison. Don’t know what time we first crawled into it, had only just got dark (probably about 8pm or something ridiculous) but didn’t wake up until 10am the next day. Magic.