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Spec it out

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Schools out

Back in the day there was nothing better than getting in from school…loading up a spectrum game while you did your homework (more than enough time). On a recent loft jaunt at my folks house I found a load of my spectrum games all boxed, some with prices on them. night shift £15 from boots. £15! for a cassette…I kept everything including the spectrum box manuals, same for everything I owned Atari ste, philips cdi, atari 7800, atari jaguar and a snes…They’re up there somewhere…thank god my folks don’t know how to use Ebay. Anyway to the point I stumbled over this…unbelievable.

Lunchtime wander

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

where where where

Usually if it’s an alright day (blue sky etc) i’ll go out for a wee lunch time wander with my camera…bit of exercise blah blah blah. Yesterday started off alright so I thought…yeah…i’ll go for a wander. Where though? I think I’ve wandered as far as I can all over town within my lunch hour. Then I remembered! I’m spoilt for choice of places to go…work is 5 mins walk from two train stations…magic!. Straight to central I headed with a view of hopping on the next train to wherever. Looked at the list of places…one stood out…not because there was a badly cut out business man pointing at…or that nearly everything else I seen was in black & white except said destination. It just sounded nice. Rutherglen. Glens to me are nice places…with the exception of maybe glenn close. I had a whole seven minutes to kill so went and bagged a boots meal deal and train ticket to Rutherglen. £1.85 return…not bad…considering I had no idea where it was or how long it would take to get there.

On the train I decided to tuck into sandwich. I went quantity over quality…A chicken triple decker. Chicken & sweetcorn, Chicken & bacon and Chicken salad. That’s the order I ate them in…I feel a fool for not making the double meat the last one, clearly the best till last. Then 10 mins later I arrived. Followed all the old ladies that got off. Was here I was caught in a massive tangle of construction. The train station at rutherglen I think was added a bit last minute. It’s a good walk away from the town centre and you have to go across a massive big old shonky bridge. It was here If i’m being honest I got all my good photos 🙂 the town centre Itself was a bit sketchy. For some reason every shop was claiming to be the cheapest, they were all shops that sold everything and had it all in the window. Also spotted multiple amusement halls and bingo.

fresh n’ less what? unless it actually isn’t

I wish I had the guts to take pictures of random people..I think I may get killed in Rutherglen for that though. basically I went up one side of the street down the other and got back on the train. Quite a good wee jolly. Rutherglen did have a shopping centre but I was too scared to go in it AND a few good looking charity shops BUT it’s my month of not buying I resisted even looking. Don’t think I’ll be going back 🙂

Loft raiding

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Horse of the year!

Another ace weekend back in stoney. My mum and dad got round to sorting the loft and everything is all spick & span. So I had to go up for a nosey. Found some great games. Look at this of the year…the showjumping board game. It had jumping dice? missing…couldn’t play it…DAMMIT!

Mike reids pop quiz game

Mike reids pop quiz game…brilliant. Must be my sisters…genius. No instructions it it though…we made up our own rules. Quite liked it actually. Once you made a band you had to answer such questions like… Name 3 bands with more than 2 people are related? Name 3 songs with british cities/towns mentioned? I won in the end…cause I was top of the pops!

Scientists wanted

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

edible audio

Had a mad dream this morning. Normally I forget them but this one was worth writing down. I’ll get to the scenario later but I dreamt up an awesome invention. The basic gist was a device that you made music with by moving the two battery shaped things (full of liquid) around with. The little fat one would be the drumbeat and the taller one some kinda squeaky instrument. Each position on the board makes a different beat or rhythm, not to dissimilar from my kaossilator. Once you connect the batteries using one of those things you use to check for electrical currents it emits the sound. However the clever bit, the sound travels through the liquid first flavouring it, then freezing them into edible audio ice lollies. Mad crude drawings aside, imagine if you could add something to water (flavourless crystals or a powder) that sound frequency somehow gelled together to make a flavour. Mental. I wonder what hotel california would taste like?…or david bowies space oddity?…I imagine that would be rank.

As if this dream wasn’t mad enough I ended up imprisoned on a spaceship with guy garvey from elbow trying to escape while that clown from IT was roaming around having escaped from maximum security…he always ruins all my weird dreams. Try analyzing that dream 🙂


Tuesday, February 17th, 2009


AWESOME weekend. Booked up a hotel and headed for the highlands. Got nic some walking boots and got a proper map of the surrounding area. Took monday and tuesday off work as nic had them off. All set. Got the bus up on saturday where we arrived at the hotel. I loved it. We went down and had a 3 course meal in the hotel. Lush. Sunday morning we got up bright and early had breakfast and went out with the map looking for adventure. There was an awesome amount of snow on the ground and hills. Some amazing views at the top of the golf course. Following the map…I quickly got us lost…HA it’s easy to follow the paths…until they’re burried under 1ft of snow. That’s my excuse and i’m sticking to it. We soon ended up stranded between deer fences…classic and had to go crossing streams. I loved it. Eventually we ended up in the back garden of this massive lodge…which was quite clearly private ground. Brilliant. Back into town where we stopped at the tipsy laird a pub in town where we had awesome soup and sandwiches.

scrabble and a pint…perfic

Back to the hotel our chef had done a runner so went to a filthy fish & chip shop (happy days) where we sat in and ate more than we probably should. Back to hotel for pints and scrabble. Great stuff. Had too much fresh air I think. Only had the 1 pint and felt quite tipsy.

Monday up early again for breakfast…full scottish of course. Headed out to ruthven barracks an old fort about 1 mile and a bit outside kingussie. A nice walk but all the snow had gone. Then into town to do a cafe crawl and eat cakes and drink coffee. Pams cafe. great cake. Bus home and back to Glasgow just in time to get in and order a dimaggios for delivery. Great stuff. Now it’s tuesday a proper day off celebrated by doing very little. Got to experience day time tv…first thing on this morning, A midget fashion show…I might take next week off 🙂

Ski Sunday

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

now that’s what I call shopping

Last minute weekend just passed. Been busy it’s taken me this long to get round to it. Loved it. Me, Macca and Jamie smith headed north after work on friday. destination…Aviemore. So much snow had fallen and Macca was itching to ski. I love the snow so needed no persuasion. On the we pulled into asda and purchased meat, beer and a tiny childs sledge…safety first. I took my xbox up (now fixed, woohoo) so friday we basically sat drank and played games while it continued to snow outside.

snowy river

On saturday we all headed out with sledge for an adventure. I’ve never seen so much snow in Scotland…was awesome. We started off on a path which quickly disappeared, so just made the rest up as we went. Got some ace photos on the way…they’re all on flickr. It was here we came to rest to build a snowman. As you can see…snowmen are nowhere near as funny as a snow bobby.

Eventually we did end up in the middle of a builders yard stuck inbetween 8ft high fences…hilarious. Ended up in pub…well deserved cider…ahhhhhhh. Picked up all the skiing gear for following day. More games and beer. Helen shows up keen for skiing.

ski sunday

Sunday up bright and early…wasn’t even bright. Straight up to the cairngorms where it was a bit of a squeeze in the motor. Me and Jamie snowboarding…and the two ladies skiing. On the first train to the summit brilliant. Jamie smith never snowboarded before…I’m not far off but been a couple of times. Ran through the basics then discovered jamie smith was riding wrong foot forward…uh oh. Things got technical we had a screwdriver started taking things to bits…only for someone to walk past and show us the wee quick release handles that do the job we over complicated…ha. That was us. Straight down the slopes. Alot of high fiving. Big up Jamie Smith just biting the bullet. Day one…CONQUER THE MOUNTAIN. Was amazing fun, going to get back on the lessons I think but I LOVED IT. definately getting better. Still suffering a bit just now mind. muscles I never knew I had…but now I can hear them screaming. High five Macca for hosting…loved it.

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II

Thursday, February 5th, 2009


What are these ridiculous numbers and letters. I bought a new lens for my camera. I got it last month…my new years resolution still stands 🙂 I love it. It has a fixed range of 50mm which takes a bit of getting used to but it’s worth it. Gives some great bokeh effects. I’m trying to take more people pictures so this should be just the job. Works really well indoors with no flash. Fun and games this weekend.

Let it snow…

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

crunchy snow

Woke up this morning bit brighter than usual. Snowing a blizzard. Up and straight out in it. Great fun. threw some snowballs took some photos. And even better than that, it’s snowing now and they say it’s gonna snow all week. Brilliant.