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Near?…far away?

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

near?…far away?

Tiny hands?…Giant sweets?

Walk on by

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

sunrise over the canal

Up bright and early this morning to walk to work. Why I hear you ask…just for the sake of it. Armed with enough music to sink a small ship (can you sink ships with music?), Two pairs of socks and three cameras I wandered. First off headed along the canal for a bit…lovely, Sun had been up a wee while but was still yawning a little bit…got some amazing photos. From there I joint on to great western road which was rubbish and made up most of the journey. Although A big LED clock ontop of a hotel did inform me it was -2. From there I joined onto byers road and headed down Ashton lane where I stumbled into a large student community…Luckily I was dressed in student atire. From here down to University Avenue which was awesome, all the leaves off the trees…Students got in the way of all my good pictures though. From here I headed onto Sauchiehall st where I would go back to one of my old haunts.

starvin marvins glasgow

Starvin marvins, I love this place. I used to stay just round the corner and it’s saved me from many a hangover. Breakfast roll £1.95 bacon, egg, sausage and a potato scone. Just the job.It was here I couldn’t be assed talking any more pictures. All along Sauchiehall street finally got to work, just a bit before 0930 I left my flat at 0740…HARDCORE think it’s about 6 miles walk…or just over 2 albums…supporting me was ray lamontagne new album…not that great…and U2s zooropa…awesome

So All I need to get me home is a single train ticket which is £1.85 the return journey costs me £2 so today JOHNSON IS 15P UP! that 6 mile walk has payed for itself. Did consider it after a nightout once to save a silly taxi fare…not doing that again…stupid

Streaking in the night

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

traffic streaks

Well the clocks went back an hour and I thought I would cash in on my early darkness. Armed with a camera tripod and a magazine on how to get said effect I went and hung out where all the traffic was. Could only take 5 pictures as my camera ran out of batteries…looks awesome though. Join me tomorrow as I wake up early and walk to work…zoiks 🙂

light trails zooooom

Brakes food services

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Too many cooks?

Seen this logo a while ago when the big truck pulled up across the road from our office…Had no camera though and it’s been puzzling me ever since. The company is a catering firm of some sort. I looked on their site and they had rebranded everything…doh. Finally snapped it this afternoon while out on a wander. At first I thought they were conjoined chefs…I thought it was maybe something the company prided itself on, but surely they wouldn’t share a hat?. On closer inspection they are indeed two different people…they just share at hat? I can’t think of any profession that requires you to share a hat? surely that’s not hygenic either?…not for working in a kitchen. Enjoy a good crap logo from time to time…this ones up there.

DS doodle package

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

The bah monster

I love my wee nintendo ds. It does what you want it to. Some clever boffins have made a simple wee paint package for it called color! It’s a really basic drawing package but it’s awesome. Worth getting excited about. You can only ever paint onto one layer but it’s good practice. As well as churning out a .png file it also saves a little video of how you did it. Very clever. here is mine. Have a look through some of the galleries amazing stuff. Also it’s free to download and available for all you fat fingered iphone losers…sorry users 🙂

The Little Book of Little Polaroids

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

The Little Book of Little Polaroids

Whilst out looking for a new photo album for all my holga pictures I felt the need to buy a new notebook. I couldn’t help it…I think I just love stationary. I’ve also started cropping some of my images square, I’ve always wanted a polaroid camera but it always seemed like a bit of an expensive habit. More so now I have my holga.

So It was decided to turn my book into a tiny polaroid gallery. They aren’t actually polaroids I just printed 4 myself onto normal 7×5 photo paper then cropped them and stuck them down with masking tape. The plan was to write a wee description of each but my writing looks awful. Old skool doodle of the polaroid camera I nearly bought on the cover (also drawn to scale to the tiny polaroids (coincidence)).

I love it, decided to make them all black and white…no reason other than it looked cooler.

Bean sitting…all day

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Now that’s what I call comfort

I had to blog this I’d be a fool not to. I recently purchased A big silly beanbag…It’s not massive…but it certainly does the job. They do make bigger ones, but the next size up was more like a single bed. Comfort and slouching makes johnson happy. See above as I show it’s versatility…don’t be fooled by my photoshop trickery for I only bought one bean bag, And don’t have any identical twins 🙂

ooooo nearly forgot, it was delivered in a massive box…ace

St Andrews

Monday, October 20th, 2008

love it!

Another quality weekend bagged. This past weekend I spent with nic in St Andrews enjoying the Autumn Sunshine…SUNSHINE! yes sunshine. What better way to celebrate than hitting the beach for some kite flying…Awesome. Other activities included alot of walking, taking pictures (they’re on flickr), alot of coffee drinking and finding out just how much I hate golf 🙂 . A great weekend tough to top.


Monday, October 20th, 2008

weekend doodles

Weekend doodles.

No words required…

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008