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Hey Ho Le-Go…

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Make and break, the beauty of lego

I love lego…I mean really love Lego. Here are some intersting facts and figures on it. I still make the same spaceships and wee cars as I did 20 years ago…is that wrong?

The Cobbler (Aka Ben Arthur)

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Cobbler on

Saturday seen me straight up and out the door after about 4 hours sleep to go climbing with fellow dog ross. We hat some midweek banter about going for a wee hike and decided the weather would be suitable on saturday. Grabbed a train and headed to tarbet and arrochar. The train stops at tarbet and there’s a 30 min walk to arrochar…don’t be fooled like we were. From arrochar you join the footpaths into Argyll forest, it was here we decided to climb The cobbler neither of us having done it before. A nice jaunt through the hills a fairly steady incline and at places actually quite busy…full of lots of friendly people swapping such banter as “aye aye”, “lovely day” and my personal favourite from people coming down as we went up “you’re nearly there” even though we quite clearly had another 2 hrs of uphill to struggle with.

No esculators here

The walk runs round the back of the cobbler and some clever fellow had built steps right to the top. This was tough going. Once we reached the summit (after about 2hrs 30 mins from when we arrived off the train) we failed to notice the clouds had crept in. Was cool, they rolled in just as we arrived. So we temporarily saw the view but it was quickly obscured and it all got a bit x-fileseee

The Mountain people

At one point on the summit a huge wedge is cut out the top where you can look right down…it just turns your legs to jelly…even cooler though was the fact you couldn’t see the bottom it just faded off into nothing…creepy…like that bit out of lost boys when they all drop off the bridge (just keeping it real) 🙂

The dropoff

the descent was easy once off the summit. Nearly skipping all the way to the pub. We made a decision not to get food in arrochar but to get back to Tarbet just so we could run and catch the train. This was a mistake…the banter all the way down was gammon steaks and chicken pies., only to discover the ben lomond pub had a private function on and couldn’t serve us food. Devistated…me just cried into our pints and went home. Arriving on a sataurday night in glasgow wearing shorts in the freezing cold isn’t how I imagined my saturday night would be. All in all a great day out. A busy one…but a good one 🙂

Maccas Sunday “Roast”

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Just filthy

Macca invited me round for t on sunday. I got quite excited cause he’s always cooking good healthy stuff. Nope not today…The order was 2 tins of fray bentos meatballs (formally of campbells fame) mashed up with extra gravy granules with rice…Just filthy. And apparently his mum knows he eats it…no way.

no shame macca…straight from the pan

Old haired Macca

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Old haired Macca

Whilst out dancing with macca on friday night he spotted this guy. Macca insisted on a photo, as he had his old haircut from roughly 10 years ago…I don’t think we ever told him why we wanted the picture…but he seemed more than happy enough. I think macca even had a dance with him…Then they both went home early…I never questioned it at the time 🙂

Near…Far away

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

before it’s photoshopping

Well Another good weekend of out outdoors photography type shenanigans. With macca this time going for a wee walk round the Glasgow necropolis…the place was dead…sorry. Poor taste. Some amazing photo opportunities. Although it did feel a bit strange just hanging around graveyards taking pictures…with your mates. Bee wanting to try this technique for a while now though. It’s called tilt shift. Basically it’s taking a normal picture with alot of depth, then removing the depth to one focal point to make it look like a tiny model. Genius. This was just a quick test…much better ones on Flickr…also some real bad ones too 🙂

Iccle tiny graves

Last night I watched…

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

liv tyler…i’d save her

Liv tyler was in it!…I never knew this…instant appeal. Much better than the first one. Went to cinema then got caught up in a “should we see ironman or hulk?” debate. Would have been an easy decision if i knew Liv tyler was in it. Good monsters…bit violent and gruesome in bits…big green thumbs up. Couple of silly hulk wrestling moves in it, but can’t fault it really…if only it wasn’t tarnished by it’s first attempt.

Heads I win Tails you lose?

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

the swazi lilangeni not to be confused with a double headed sterling £1

At work I sit next to ross…occassionally people confuse us when verbally addressing us. Not to miss out on an opportunity we decided to cash in…everytime someone in the office does it…20 pence goes into the piggy bank…Today however my boss made an even bigger blooper and called Ross another workmate that didn’t even start with ro…that sat on the other side of the office. So we decided that must be at least a £1. On closer inspection though…the said pound coin had heads on both sides? turns out this is a swazi lilangeni worth precisely 6.3p so this afternoon we’re off to see if any vending machines can be fooled 🙂

Bug Hunt

Monday, June 16th, 2008

not a very exciting slug but a bloody big one

Went fishing Sunday…headed back up to Lochwinnoch as the weather looked pretty good. This time me and lee tried the other side of the loch up past the bird sanctuary. Once again we were plagued by midgies. Long story short lee caught a fish I didn’t. So in an attempt to steal his thunder here are some beasties I found when I was in my no fish huff.

Jeremy the Slug…not very exciting but some of them were massive and I thought it would be rude not to include Jeremy (we got quite attached)

little tiny green bug

Loretta the little green bug…dunno what type it is other than small and green. hoping that someone can be bothered looking into their latin names etc.

frog? toad?

Pedro the Frog? Toad? bit of a jump in the hierachy here…I think everyone loves frogs…

Little cool lizards

Scott the little cool Lizard…He was cool. Just hiding under a rock…didn’t move particularly fast…or wee on me which was nice.

As you can see I’ve done no form of research whatsoever but it has been a very lazy sunday so I felt it was in keeping…also I watched lost boys…Classic


Saturday, June 14th, 2008

Make it stop!

Another one to add to the collection…good today though got to watch karate kid III and dip in and out of conciousness…well as good as it could get 🙂

Degrees of fun

Friday, June 13th, 2008

dog dancing!

Well it was that time of year again of the GSA degree show. The opening night with free booze…dangerous. Good turn out with most of dogdigital turning up for a swallie…or two. Sponsers this year included heineken and west brewery. Magic stuff. Joining me this year was my new land lady nic h. We’re doing a bit of a culture swap…she comes out for free drink and dancing then on saturday she’s taking me to facepaint kids…hilarious. The show itself this year had a few hidden gems…including this one which is awesome. It went really quick after we found the bar with free mojitos.

peace out!

From here we were swiftly asked to leave…it was closing…we weren’t chucked out :). We tried a few pubs after but they were heaving. Last stop firewater. Good music, lots of space and an empty dance floor…RESULT!

uh oh…that’ll be last orders then!…

Some amazing shapes were thrown on the dancefloor by all. A great night of fun fun fun!