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Big evil Pike!

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Well what an adventure weekend I’ve had. Yesterday me and Lee went back to Loch winnoch for another spot of fishing. Not to be disappointed Lee took a disposable bbq…it wasn’t till later he admitted he had bought his own burgers…I was fishing for my dinner!. It was an absolute scorcher…even got sunburnt. Beer, BBQ, fishing and a monster pike….brilliant. Lee also caught one but it got away 🙂 (better say that or he’ll go in a huff)

DIY bbq…disposable ones don’t actually work

Oh and I did put it back and it swam off happy as an evil looking fish could…

Tarbet to Inverbeg…the wrong way

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

glen douglas

Saturday me and saunders went on a biking adventure. Looked at a map and decided tarbet would be a good place to start and initially headed for Argyll forrest. Deciding against it we went for a wander to get lost eventually following signs to Glen douglas. With parking at the top it was ideal however we soon discovered it was owned by the M.O.D that didn’t put us off. A 5 mile winding single track road, great fun hardly any cars that we just flew down…loads of blind summits and saunders brakes didn’t really work. This took us to Inverbeg just a wee place but we joined the main road and headed back to tarbet.

a well deserved pint

of course we had to stop for pints.

the horrible incline

It was here after tarbet we joined a construction road leading up the side of the hill back up into Glen Douglas. Loose rocks and mud pretty much uphill all the way. Some seriousdoubts towards my fitness were thrown in the mix. Had some great downhill bits if you look into the distance you can see the lord of the rings style incline which we pretty much endured for 2 hr total. Eventually the path brought us out right next to where we parked the car…thank god

the loading of the mirth mobile

Last but not least we picked up fish and chips on the way home….magic!


Sunday, April 20th, 2008

boules on broughty ferry beach…magic

Well Another games weekend this weekend finds me in sunny Dundee. I popped up to Stonehaven for a flying visit to stonehaven on the friday for my neices birthday on the saturday, only to leave really early on Sat morning and arrive in Dundee at 1030AM ChrisTerry wasn’t even up. Luckily it only took me him an hour to surface…which was just about enough time to DO Dundee. Instantly games commenced off to Broughty Ferry beach to play in the sunshine. Boules on the beach was the order of the day. Christerry won that one…I’ll give him that. Then to end a more than perfect afternoon (in Order) icecream, steak pie and a pint of sandy hunter from the fishermans tavern. Quick visit to Broughty Ferry castle just so ChrisTerry could hump a cannon and I could get a funny pic.

ChrisTerrys Man Cannon!

Finally sam arrived and to the shops to stock up on more filthy microwavable food by the name of rustlers. I Ate 3 over 24hrs…rough. Games commence. Scrabble, worms and Pro EV all to the tune of cider and spirit of Louisiana. Both of which very cheap and evil. A night out unfolds and to Underground, Didn’t realise it was a social animal pub dog built it…ha. Was full of man…but that didn’t put us off. Lots of dancing…a good mix of stuff. Although mosty michael jackson for some reason. We bugger off bit after 2am back to the ChrisTerrys for more games and “meat” which by the way is still going on…magic.

Concentrate…it is NOT only a game!

Not so wii!

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

not so wii !

Well It’s been a non-stop mariokart fest past day…ha. Just finished 50CC then I noticed nintendo has given my mii a rather modest package!. Don’t remember setting that bit up on the mii channel.

If anyone wants to play you’ll have to add my friend code which is the following catchy set of numbers:


or alternatively send it a wii-mail

Wii party

Friday, April 11th, 2008

a wii nintendo explosion!

Well Mariokart is out on the wii today…most excited. Richies birthday yesterday so a wii party was called for. After work on the projector…magic. Everyone has supplied all their ridiculous controls and accessories…I hope we have enough batteries…woohoo!

Ghan Fashin…

Monday, April 7th, 2008

lochwinnoch 20 mins from glasgow central

Another weekend of jaunty spontanious fishing. This weekend found me and lee at Lochwinnoch. Just 20 mins on a train from central, we did a bit of research and found it comprised of 3 big lochs supporting all sorts of fishing and water sports. Once at Lochwinnoch we walked just 5 mins to the RSPB Lochwinnoch visitors centre to find out where we could go to fish. From here we walked another 15 mins round the banks of Castle Semple Loch to another big shoreside visitors boat house that hired out allsorts of boats. Here we purchased our “fishing permits” which turned out to be the wee guy at the canteen who supplied us a receipt for Ă‚ÂŁ2 each. Quids in we walked up the side of the Loch till we arrived here.

Castle Semple Loch

we walked past a load of people fishing but wanted to be hidden away so no-one would ask us questions and rumble us as being to be honest ridiculous amateurs. Trawling through loads of mud we settled. Lee on the Friday went to our now local fishing shop and stocked up on all sorts of goodies, including a bait box, spinners, maggots and worms. Not knowing what we were doing we went straight for maggots. Lee refused to touch them and settled for using forceps. Hours of so of fishing not one bite. Then a friendly man sauntered passed gave us some top tips and we were sorted. Changed to spinners and went for pike.

wee pike…called jacks apprently

bomp within an hour landed a wee pike. I thought it was a baby one. Speaking to my dad he informs me these are the male ones and don’t grow much bigger. It’s the females that are the monsters and frequently eat the males. I was over the moon. About 40 mins later I landed another one…whoop. Lee needless to say was not happy. It was a lovely sunny day until c2 phoned (he lives not far away) and told us it was snowing round by him. Minutes later c2 the weather jonah was correct. It got windy horrible and freezing. We stuck it out…only cause lee was determined to catch something. Ended up staying until about 7pm when it brightened up again. From here we went to the corner bar where we drank a well deserved pint of tennents. And so to food. Just up the road from Lochwinnoch train station there’s a wee hotel called The hungry monk. It was here we discovered it was actually quite posh and we were caked in mud…no worries we had to wait an hour for train anyway. It was quite posh and expensive but we didn’t care. It seemed to specialise in nice fancy seafood dishes…me and lee unphased straight for the burgers…lush. Train home followed by bus…magic. Quality saturday.

Let’s Koassilate

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

let’s koasillate

I love toys…This phrase I will have to stop using…according to my blog stats alot of people end up here looking for “love toys”. Anyway my latest gadget is this: The Korg Kaossilater and my word is it alot of fun. To give it its proper title it’s a dynamic phrase synthesizer, but basically it has 100 built in sounds whcih are all controlled with a touchpad. But the clever thing is you can record and build up loads of layers to make some serious bonkers music. Great fun…Although the guy downstairs is a bit fed up of it. :). I have this guy to thank too…the only reason I bought it. For all I Know he’s saying “don’t buy this it’s rubbish…fun for the first 20 minutes”.