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Two discoveries this weekend…

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

egg on your face

1. I can’t boil eggs

2. I don’t own an egg cup

It’s a butey!

Monday, March 24th, 2008

ferry to rothesay

What an Easter weekend I’ve had. Me and Lee decided a while back we were going to go camping. Even with all this talk of snow and britains coldest weekend of the year…pah. We worked friday and left early for Bute. Rothesay ticked all the boxes for our adventure. Including a ferry ride…woohoo. We found 2 bays, one on the Southern Tip (glen Callum) and one on the east coast (Ettrick Bay) of bute. The buses on Bute run pretty much bay to bay so we thought we would have one night on each. We arrived on Rothesay at about 5 and knew we would have to be pretty quick getting a tent up before it’s dark. We soon descovered that the buses to Ettrick Bay didn’t start running until April…Doh… That made or decision a bit easier so we headed south for kilchattan Bay a bus ride that lasts about 20 mins. Here we found the West Island Way, a walk that runs 30 miles around bute. Had no idea it exsisted but it looks great. we walked for about an 1hr when it got dark very quickly we found a great spot at a place called Glen Callum nice and shelttered. Lee gathered wood I put the tent up. We quickly discovered it was freezing cold and windy and a fire just wouldn’t work. On with the pasta and stir in sauce…champion. It was officially the worst nights sleep I’ve ever had. I took 2 sleeping bags…good job otherwise I think an easter dose of hyperthermia would have easily been on the cards. In the morning (about 7) I took this picture.

Eurohike kent tent the most difficult tent to find pictures on the internet….not any more

Was an amazing place we never really got a chance to see it before it got dark. So next on the adventure ticklist was fishing. Me and Lee had bought Some telescopic rods and a load of spinners. so to fishing…we didn’t catch a thing but it did feel very manly. after 3 hours of spinning we went to put on our breakfast…bacon and beans only to discover the bacon had gone….this was the last straw. Sleep deprived we took down the tent and headed back to kilchattan bay in the hope there was a pub. It was only here we realised how rough the path we walked the previous night was. I don’t recommend it to anyone in the dying light…A bit tipsy. back in Kilchattan bay we found the st blanes hotel were we had a well deserved burger and pint. Here we waited 5 pints for the bus back to Rothesay…might I recommend reading up on the bus times first. Once in Rothesay we had to make a decision on what to do…we couldn’t just go home. So In town we found a cheap B&B at an amazing £35 a night for a twin room. We had a knocked down price as the shower didn’t work. Me and Lee were dead on our feet. straight to bed at about 7pm on a Saturday night….hardcore.

I awoke at 6am to this…

pesky seagull

Gentle tapping on the window followed by endless squawking. This fella just sat outside watching me sleep. I quite liked it in the end…I want one for my flat.

Revitalised we booked the hotel for another night (we eventually fixed the shower but you couldn’t turn the temperature down…we just took it like men!) and headed for Ettrick Bay. The buses were now running there for the easter weekend…boost. However the bus we got only went as far as port bannatyne about a 3 mile walk away. Armed with our fishing gear we headed north up the coast for about 45 mins until we found a great spot. Still didn’t catch anything and lee lost 3 of our 4 decent spinners. The rest we had didn’t have enough weight to cast any good distance at was at this point lee considered using some old keys as weights before quickly realising he would probably never see them again and that he did actually need them. Defeated again we headed back to the ettrick bay tearoom for coffee and burgers…magic.

fishing on ettrick bay

Back to hotel for some rothesay fish and chips…amazing. We decided a big nightout in rothesay was on the cards…what could a sunday night in Rothesay have instore? First to the Black Bull…just round the corner…empty, eneded up having some banter with the owner an old man who had one huge knuckle, about how things were done back in the day. Onto the next the brandane bar was playing really nasty beepy techno but was clearly where all the action was. It was here the next song on the jukebox was boys to mens end of the road…we left. Next up was the taverna lounge bar. A strange we pub where it was clear we were not local but it was playing mostly glam rock which I enjoyed. Our last port of call was the Argyll Arms where we were informed they would have live music. What a performance. One old guy 2 keyboards and a guitar i don’t think that was his band name. He was playing sweet home chicago…which i know was originally by robert johnson…I had to tell him…that I to was a robert JOhnson he was very happy at this outcome and played other robert johnson tune dedicated to robert johnson. I was very happy…I Bought him a drink Whiskey and tonic £1.60. As we left I shook his hand then he said “I’ve never touched a robert Johnson before” It was a bit weird. but now i might make it a t-shirt “have you touched a robert johnson today?” Back to the hotel where I passed out on the bathroom floor then woke up at a 6am Monday to my feathered friend. Today we went for lunch on the pier then caught the ferry home (just). Back on the mainland we discovered that we just missed a train literally by seconds and that the lines to glasgow central were closed. Got the money back for our wemyss bay to glasgow journey bit, turns out the ferry across to rothesay only costs £3.50…genius. We hopped on a bus…then I had the fun of walking through the centre of town a bit stinky and muddy with a tent and a fishing rod. Loved it…Anyone fancy the west Island Way? Also put some more pics up on my flickr

Be your own pet @ Oran mor

Friday, March 21st, 2008

be your own pet

Lets play spot the difference from last nights gig…hmmm. This one was magic. knew nothing about the band other than it was a little bit punky. Great fun, ended up having a night out in the buff club where i had to eventually leave to get mixed pakora…genius.

Oh and she’s the singer…not a random 🙂

Jack Glass @ King tuts

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

father christmas rocks it!

Magic, let it be known this night is still ongoing. If ever there was going to be a picture that summed up an evening it would be this one. Tried my luck at relatively heavy metal. Went and seen jack glass after lee managed to wangle some free tickets as he’s building the site on the side and i did some bits on the side. Genius. Was like watching a really hard level on guitar hero. Didn’t even see the final act as we were too busy watching people play guitar hero. Now we’re off to watch labyrinth…it doesn’t get much better. Also along the way i met this fella who was clearly a proper rocker at the prime age of 63 drank bacardi and coke all night…RAWK!

5ft 10 = £6.99

Monday, March 17th, 2008


Also this weekend for the first time I sampled a chinese buffet king. Magic. All you can eat? ALL you can eat? didn’t believe it. Had desert and everything. Was a friday night and I’d had a few pints. Had to go home after 9 as I couldn’t move. Anyway to the point. Whilst checking the menu and various prices I spotted this. A Childs set menu, but not by age…oh no no. By Height…hilarious. At what point did they introduce this measure of taxness? How many people have argued their case and had to whip a tape measure out? Thought I might have to pay some form of tall tax. Thinking about it now it was full of really small old chinese people…like some really strange smelling bingo hall.

Exercise Is Good For You Laziness is Not

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

loch lomond to glasgow 20 miles

Thought it was about time I did some excersise this year. Beautiful day for it, Glorious sunshine. Me and Lee hopped on our bikes and started nice and early (too early, most would say for a sunday). There is a cycle path that runs from roughly the SECC to the banks of loch lomond. It goes through some pretty rough areas if i’m being brutally honest, but hey it gets you up to a good pace. Took about an hour before it felt you were out in the middle of nowhere. Stopped for a bit at a place called bowling. Seen it on the sign, didn’t realise it was actually the name of the place, just thought there was nothing else to do for miles but bowl. The last 6 miles were tough a combination of wind in our face, dead arses and general unfitness. Left at 11 arrived on the banks a bit before 2. Once we arrived it felt only right to go straight for the prize…

eye on the prize

Pint of staropramen and a roast chicken dinner. Sat outside and soaked up the sunshine replacing all our lost liquids which much better ones. 2 pints in we deicided we couldn’t be assed cycling home, so got the train. Straight home in the bath where I ate macaroni (don’t recommend eating in the bath) now my legs hurt 🙁 (not because of macaroni(I don’t think)). Indiana jones and the lost ark is currently on and that german guys face is about to melt…what a day!

Meet Malcolm

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

Malcolm The Rabbit

What a weekend. PRODUCE! made lots, did lots and ate lots. This is Malcolm. Malcolm is made from felt, has buttons for eyes and is filled with green split peas. My weekend attempts to buy a sewing machine failed.

Hands and Feet

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

Well it’s taken me ages…Been doing a bit of animation when I can at In evenings weekend etc. Just to keep on top of my game. It takes ages. This doesn’t even last 20 seconds! The total hours spent doing this has been about 9 hours. Been playing about with making music to. Just got a new computer so it’s all been fun and games over the past week. Fot this I just shot some video then took it into flash where I drew over each frame…rock on!