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Polish off…

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Just back from Poland…as you do. A random Cheap holiday with some folks from work. Good fun. Krakow…nice city, good for a wander. Rubbish food…Good cheap beer though. Bought a hat for eliza…I really want to keep it for myself. I get some photos up on Flickr…when I can be arsed.

Where can I find Poptartsâ„¢?

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

where can I poptarts find in glasgow

For some reason I’m craving things that apparently don’t exsist anymore. Keep an eye out in your shops for poptarts…I LOVE THEM. or I did in 1996. The chocolate ones. Farmfoods in Maryhill doesn’t have them…or um bongo…it’s not looking good.


Saturday, January 19th, 2008

Well it’s happened. Not only that I’ve ran out of posh tissues. Moan Moan Moan…Childbirth blah blah blah.

Bank = Rubbish

Friday, January 18th, 2008

halifax howard bank tiger

My missing bank card saga continues. After cancelling my card on wednesday they informed me it would be 10 – 14 days until my new card arrives. I was raging…Supposed to be going to Poland on thursday. Imagine my happiness when this morning a letter with a card arrived from RBS. Whoopi. Read through all the jingle jangle copy looking for information about a new pin number. Couldn’t find anything. So on my way to work this morning I took risk and used the card with my old PIN. CHOMP went the machine. Couldn’t beleive it. My new card lasted 20 mins from the postmans hands. Went into the bank where the guy just laughed and told all the cards the machine eats just get destroyed. Back to my bank where I confronted them about the above. The woman told me my new card is scheduled to arrive on monday..not today. So by pure coincidence I needed a new card anyway but as I cancelled it The day before it arrived, it was doomed from day one. Had I not cancelled it, it would have been even weirder as a new card would have just magically appeared. I should have just said nothing…there’s no money in my bank anyway. I’m with RBS but I just hate that Halifax Howard guy…and like tigers…it seemed like the right thing to do.

Weird fishes…

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

weird fishes sketch

Woohoo a while back me and macca got tickets to go see radiohead on the glasgow green…Chuffed. But recently I stumbled over sketch crawl. One day of every year, all over the world people get together and go on a sketch crawl, just drawing everything they see. Looked great fun. I hardly ever sit down and actually draw stuff. So this year, more drawing. Gonna get myself a decent sketchbook…do it properly. Also after seeing this, it had to be weird fishes.

Scrobble on!

Thursday, January 17th, 2008


10,000 songs scrobbled through…woohoo. click here to find the most embarassing.

Mr Frosty Hangover begone

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Thought I’d whip out the old Mr frosty. Ideally wanted um bongo…but as we know it doesn’t exsist. However the lucozade slush puppy does remove all hints of hangover. Love it! In the process I also broke it…and I wasn’t even hungover. In other news I’ve lost my bank card. Finding stuff is much more fun than losing.

When it comes to sunny fun…

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

um bongo

They don’t sell um bongo anywhere. Think i’ll need to go to mace in montrose to find it.

Life would be simple in the forrest except for…

Monday, January 14th, 2008

cyril sneer raccoons

As usual in the company of booze and friends conversation sways to favourite cartoons. The Raccoons, without a doubt the saddist cartoon to grow up to. Big epic music scores and the constant threat from that evil pink bastard Cyril sneer. Set somewhere in canda by the looks of it, you’re lead by the hero Burt Raccoon. Quite clearly a raccoon. Other character include 3 pigs, a couple of dogs and various extras for the reasons of plot like hens and dogs. But what is Cyril Sneer?…apart from a bit of a pink bastard. rumour has it some kind of ant eater…but it’s pretty badly drawn if that’s the case.

I’d think twice too…

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Whilst doing a little cleaning round the house to my 1995 top of the pops album. Eliza couldn’t resist singing along to her favourite recording artist. Mrs dion if you please…

and before Eliza kills me…macca told me to do it…look (messenger says so)

Rob says:
i’ve got a really funny video from last night

Rob says:
of eliza cleaning the flat singing to celine dion

neil says:

Rob says:
before she noticed then hid

Rob says:
should I let the world see it?

neil says:

neil says:
do it

Rob says:
you’re happy with taking the resposibility?

neil says:
yes, all my fault

Rob says:
ok then

Rob says:
I think she might kill me

neil says:
yup, that’s why i’m happy to say go for it