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Merry Christmas from Dog

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

christmas canines

Just finished Dogs christmas flash do da. Go find it here. Now i’m off back to my folks for christmas…woohoo….Merry Christmas…enjoy

It’s a me….Mario!

Monday, December 17th, 2007

super mario galaxy

Well It’s been about a month since I bought Super Mario Galaxy. That’s it done. Finished the big boss, not gonna lie pretty easy. have to find 121 stars so far I’ve got 96 think that’s the real tough bit. If you have a wii you need to get it. Loads of touches of genius throughout.

Dogs Dogs Dogs

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

photoshop illustration

Dogs are awesome! This is going somewhere for works christmas do da. Photoshop Illustration. Did I mention dogs are awesome?

Moo to you

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

moo cards

It was last Tuesday when my mind went for a wander (it has since got lost twice and not even phoned to let me know when it will be home) I ended back up on, I had been there before and seen what they do but never really bothered. However, once you get into the bones of the site it is indeed Awesome. I’m A huge fan of Flickr. more so now I have my new camera. But once I seen there Snazzy little integration…before I knew it I had ordered 100 mini moo cards. It Also imports images from Facebook and Bebo and a few others I didn’t recognize…whatever the trendy kids are into these days. But basically it prints glossy wee business cards. The cool thing is that it holds all the Flickr info too and puts it on the back. Wap your webaddress on the back and bingo. £10 for 100 cards? all different? it did sound to good to be true. So plomp today they arrived. Nipped out at lunch bought a frame. Thought I’d be all arty and just empty all the pics roughly into the frame and that would be it. Looked rubbish. Played about with them and had to sit and blue tac them all in nice and neat. Tried to arrange the photos in some order but still keeping a bit of random. Tried to match up the colours as best I could with the images I wanted. Eventually crammed in 60…looks awesome.

moo cards

Last night I watched…

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

brotherhood showtime

Well, all my good Tv Series are coming to an abrupt end. Dexter…done. Heroes…done. Sopranos…done. Left own my own devices I checked all my options…the wire…rubbish. The Shield…rubbish. Prison Break…rubbish. When finally…bomp. Seen an add on Tv when back up at my folks, with a write up for a drama described as “Awesome, the new sopranos” by the guardian of all people. This got me very excited, but riding my wave of awful telly let downs I didn’t have high hopes. WRONG! It is indeed awesome*. Even better than that, I’m a whole season behind. That’s my Tv watching sorted for the next few weeks…

It has all the violence (if not a bit more graphic) of sopranos. Just a bit more political, Which initially put me off thinking that I would have to actually closely follow plot and maybe even pay attention to the series of flicking images in front of me. Not the case…watch it…Awesome.

*this is based on the first episode and sorry if it does get progressivly worse

Dan Deacon @ Nice n Sleazy

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

This is awesome. Went and seen Dan Deacon Last night and my word did it live up to my amazingly high expectations. Been listening to his album spiderman of the rings constantly. Accidently bumped into a video on youtube after having another inspiring recommendation. Thankyou last. The only way I can describe this gig is imagine some weird primary school music lesson based on trippy electronic equipment and your teacher was eddie izzard. Fun Fun Fun was had. Silly dancing was had by all. He didn’t bother with the stage just put a table in the middle genius. His equipment was equally as bizzare which apparently he just finds. loved it. loved it. Went with richie who i think actually loved it more than christmas. Great gig awesome night out topped only with a scooby snack on the way home. Magic.

dandeacon dan deacon nice n sleazy music electronic genius glasgow video