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Kerplunk circa 1967

Sunday, September 30th, 2007


Well today I went on an adventure. My vet friend saunders invited me over to his to play this evening. However, he lives in Paisley. Just down the road, never really ventured so off I went. got the train from Central, was running a little later than expected. First things first whenever I’m in a new place…Where are the charity shops? saunders had no idea he passed at least 6 in the 5 minute journey to his place. It was here we stubled in the door of the first charity shop, looked around at the games to see what they had on offer. A few bits, they had the genus edition of trivial persuit which is always good, for £2 (I might go back, writing this down now I realise I was a fool to turn it down). It was just as saunders was starting to get bored I spotted this little beauty (Top shelf might I add). An original Kerplunk from 1967 all the bits there…brilliant. Everyone loves kerplunk….they all want to play it, just not set the thing up. It cost me £5 which normally is a charity shop big budget but the box alone sold it.

Last night I watched…

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

the sopranos

The last season…A sad sad day. It’s finished…don’t know what to do now. 86 episodes of genius. Without ruining the lot it came to a very abrupt ending. Not the best season but better than the last one it was a bit weird. Bada-bing!

Sopranos RIP
1999 – 2007

Charity Charity Cheap Cheap

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

This weekend I decided to take it a bit easy as for the last few months it’s been non-stop. So what better way to unwind than to go out with £5 and go charity shopping. And what a beauty I found, knockout for £2 brilliant. Always wanted that game but never got round to it. £2 well spent, all in working order. Also for my remaining £3 I got a mini wizard which I think just about everybody had…it also works perfectly and the box was mint…Love It!

I love Milk! I love Toys!

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007


When there powers combine they do make something spectacular. These are the moofia from tokidoki I love them. In true pokemon fashion I didn’t just want one I had to have them all. Look at them! awesome. They arrived all packed individually in milk cartons…MAGIC!

Let’s offroad…NeeeeNaaawwwNeeNaaaww

Monday, September 24th, 2007


Well this bank holiday monday I thought i’d do something a bit different…and, erm…it was. For a while now i’ve been looking to get a decent bike as a few of the guys from work been bombing down hills and it all sounded like too much fun to miss out on. So I thought i’d give it a go. Me, Dave and Richie headed out nice and early up to Glentress just up past peebles. Hired a bike then we were off. Great fun over jumps and bombing down hills through the trees. Then I foolishly agreed to raise the bar and go down the “psychopath”. As you can imagine I didn’t get very far…to be precise I went over my handlebars and smashed my face off the path. Removing one of my front teeth and removing a large part of my lips. Hilarious…I ended up in Hospital while some really nice friendly chinese woman vigorously scrubbed my wounds with a brillo pad then doused them in anti-septic…lessons learnt…what you can’t see is the rest of my body which has turned into a giant scab which I plan to shed next weekend in a snake like manor…ooops.

Heaven is a place on Earth

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007


Went to walk off my hangover today. Found this little beauty of a shop. Relics. It’s just off byers road in this cheeky wee shopping centre thats popped up just next to dimaggios (or the little lane next to stravaigin if you’re too posh). Stacked full of everything (and I do mean everything) including an old wurlitzer jukebox…loved it just stuff everywhere…go check it out.

Hey Jo

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

high five

Last night was a big dog night out. Jo (right smack bang in the middle), dogs sponsored student for glasgow school of art has been working with us for the past few months doing some 3d stuff. Last night was her leaving do as she went back to uni. Big load of beer back at the office, then onto moskito just up the road where they have somehow managed to make it twice as big and add a courtyard…magic. Few cheeky tequilas (I didn’t as it’s evil) then off for some silly dancing at the buff club…classic.

On the way home we all hopped in a taxi to the 727 chip shop next to oran mor. Where I expressed my love for chips only to be told…”who cares?” it cut me deep. Quality night out awful hangover.

Jo is back in every friday…so we get to do it every week!

Putting the camp back in camping

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

beaver lodge

What an awesome weekend (the one that’s just passed, been a bit busy) praise back to the facebook once again for delivery. “Camping” was on the cards this weekend so I came prepared. I lugged my two tents and rucksack into work in preparation….only to discover I wouldn’t need them at all because girls organised it and we were all staying in lodges…the above ones to be precise. We had beaver lodge and the girls (in the background) had bald eagle lodge which was apparently luxury…The first night beaver lodge was much better as we hosted dancing and crisps (who’s got the luxury now huh?). The place was just outside Tyndrum at Strathfillan Wigwams.


second night seen us at Caolasnacon Campsite where once again I wouldn’t need a tent as I would be in a luxury caravan…brilliant fun. Once again ordered a chip shop from on yonder (10 fish suppers and a burger) bit of scrabble bit of dancinf and a cheeky head massage thrown in. Brilliant. During the day did a spot of swimming in Loch Tulla just by the Bridge of Orchy which was nice then back for some soupage.

look at macca

On the way home we pulled in at drovers Inn for a big massive sunday roast…all in all, an awesome weekend of “camping”

Death Proof

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

death proof with quentin tarantino

My boss pulled a few strings and managed to get us tickets for a Quentin Tarantino evening at the GFT presenting his new film death proof. Awesome enjoyed the film. Had it’s moments mostly good. Kurt russell in the film was genius. Tarantino went out for dinner and came back for some Q&A was pretty funny he had some good banter. He does love himself, he dug deep into his obscure film knowledge to show off a little bit…fair enough…it is his job I suppose. Brilliant.

Give the drummer some

Monday, September 10th, 2007

Sunday night seen me back in the Arches. This weekend I’ve nearly spent longer in the arches than my own house….MAGIC. Last night it was Caribou. Been a fan for a long time, they used to be called Manitoba. It’s weird kind of psychadelic music…right up my street. Was intrested to see how they were going to do it live as it sounded so weird on the album. Lead singer stepped up for some serious drumming. Was amazing. Their full time drummer never broke sweat once despite constantly being mid solo…An amazing gig. They’re supporting the GO Team later this month…might go. Well worth a look in.