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Bink bink bink chuga chuga bink bink

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

who is the guitar hero?

Just settling back into work after my awesome amsterdam holiday which just about destroyed me…What better way to spend lunch than a 2 player guitar hero face off…genius.

Mine is the black, which I keep telling lee is superior…It certainly performs better πŸ™‚


Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

This was from our sabotage themed dress up for saturday night at the football tournament…many moustaches were lost in the process. Find some more pics here.

Foreign Johnson

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

Today we opened a football tournament…We played the loacal team and lost 4-0 brilliant. The party afterwards is still going…I just can’t be assed.

An Amsterdam Good Time

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

the laughing cow

As of after work today i’m off to Edinburgh to watch the football, then flight out to amsterdam to attend the 19th edition of the International Football Tournament! About 2 hrs away from amsterdam is Groningen where me and a barrage of 15 mates will be representing Scotland. Brilliant none of of us have played together also it’s a student only event of which only 3 of my mates barely are. Find out more info here. let it be noted I wont be playing any football as pints are 160 eurocents which is just over £1!…Oh and i’m rubbish at football πŸ™‚

Old dog new tricks

Saturday, May 19th, 2007


Well after my hangovers somehow managed to cancel each other out…I went out again on friday. Usual friday stuff of out for lunch with work…I tried tofu…it seems pretty pointless. But eventually we ended up in the bluedog, a bit of a favourite at work this one. A cocktail bar with pianist and everything…occasionally terry the magician turns up…he’s genius…I have his phone number!

Anyway, we ordered cocktails and I somehow managed to order the gayest looking drinks…first one was a Buena Vista…it was good…but was also bright pink.

round 2

Second round I ordered the blue dog…it’s signature drink! it looked pretty gay to. From what I can remember it was very good. Also today i escaped a hangover…YES! quiet weekend now me thinks.

Smarter than your average bear

Saturday, May 19th, 2007

grizzly bear

What a week it’s been! since the football on wednesday I had possibly the worst hangover ever…this was cured by matthew saunders taking me straight to the pub again…brilliant. Thursday night we went and seen grizzly bear another band I stumbled across using It’s a difficult one to describe probably best just to go to their site than me try and explain.

grizzly bear

The gig was in Nicensleazy…Nice little venue, also they sold 4 pint pitchers πŸ™‚ just what my hangover needed. The sound held up well, both the quiet bits and the big noisy epic bits.

Support was from john b mckenna was quite good to…even though he did look about 12. Everyone dispersed to catch buses and trains, I missed mine by 2 mins and had to walk home…DAMMIT!

Football is rubbish!

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

where's wally

But loads of spaniards are out in the street partying…and have been since 10am. Fair play…Unfortunately I have to work while all the fun goes on right on our doorstep…those pesky spaniards!

New Toys!

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

New toys…new toys! Brilliant ordered this it’s awesome. Basically it’s a bendy tripod that sticks to anything. Just been playing around with it really…it’s pretty sturdy though. This is my journey to work in the morning takes just under 20 mins…so I squeezed it just under 3…Would have went less but it didn’t do the music justice.

The PYTHON strikes!!!

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

Ages ago we had a whip round at work and seen if anybody wanted to cycle edinburgh to glasgow…I said yes thinking that it would just never happen. Well today (and I do mean All day today) it did.

that lot

Got the 0930 train this morning (yes it’s sunday) through to Edinburgh waverley. 2 mins away you can get straight onto the canal which runs to Glasgow. It was at this point I cycled straight into a bollard…not the most ideal start to the journey.

The Edinburgh bit of the run was nice through Ratho, I only seen 3 bottles of buckfast in the canal…the Glasgow count when through the roof and I got bored counting after 22.

The milage knocked up today was 56 miles give or take. pretty easy going to be honest being a flat path all the way. First stop was Linlithgo…it was pretty dull and pretty closed to be honest and was the first place to quit and get the train home…nobody did.

The best bit of the run was the massive tunnel before the falkirk wheel…Dunno it’s name bit it was amazing. Was a bit like that really trippy bit in willy wonka and the chocolate factory…except a little psychadelic…so nothing like charlie and the chocolate factory really…it was just a tunnel.

ooooo scary cave

The falkirk wheel was rubbish…Engineering wise…impressive. Once you’re there it looks like one of the rides off of that episode of father ted. I didn’t see any boats other than the tourist ones use it and even the old folk looked bored.

Highlights included seeing a barge called dignity (is it a ship?), a bus thats destination read “sorry, ahm no in service”, seeing an ewok (could be wrong) and watching a crow eat mayonaise

feeling the pain a bit now…and no doubt it will be even more stupid tomorrow…hoorah

“Who’s idea was this?…it’s rubbish” Terry Wogan Eurovision 07

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

Well it’s that time again. Sat night at maccas watching the onslaught of talent that is EUROVISION! Serbia was rubbish never thought I would see a woman more manly looking than kd lang. Also she looked like a potato. In a beer like haze we might have made a pakt to go to serbia next year. I won no money this time round on the sweepstake πŸ™ not even last.