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Friday, April 27th, 2007


2 gigs in one week! This one was part of triptych. CSS headlined, Ratatat and Prinzhorn dance school supported. Was in the Barrowlands and was the first time I had been. Liked it much better than the Arches from tuesday night. I only knew one Prinzhorn tune “you are the space invader” which is awesome. The rest was very lofi bit bland. Ratatat on the other hand! Awesome got the album a while back despite being quite samey it’s all good. Was funny live, they’re like a more hip hop Air with some quality early 80’s guitar over the top. I think I prefered them to CSS.


CSS were good didn’t realise the band was pretty much all women and one guy on drums…A kinda bigger more brazilian arty Corrs if you like…I don’t know if he was called Jim. The lead singer pranced around in a one peice purple spandex number…I couldn’t see if she was fit or not…We stood by the bar all night. Macca isn’t a big dancey music fan but after what he put me through on tuesday…I gave him no choice. Good night allround with a good mix of good music

Fries with that? NO, I WANT CHIPS!

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

tallest to the back

Went to see yann tiersen last night, totally maccas fault as he is the frenchest friend I have. Also joining the equally as bizarre festivities was eliza and ruth. Didn’t know much about the concert before I went in all honesty. His biggest claim to fame was he did the amelie soundtrack..which was so french it was unreal. That was what we expected but far from what we got. It ended up sounding like a really crap french mogwai and some songs even sounded like bad french eurovision entries.

It was by far the tallest gig I’ve ever been to…which doesn’t help having the smallest girlfriend! I think th floor in the arches slopes up towards the stage if it’s gonna be a busy gig and you’re not over 6ft I wouldn’t bother.

Highlight of the evening was finding a woman taller than macca…he refused to stand next to her…so I had to be sneaky

it's bigfoot

Alive and Sitting!

Monday, April 16th, 2007

i'm live!

It’s official…I’m Live. Having recently found out xbox live is free (to a certain extent) I set it all up and got a free month of xbox live gold. Brilliant!. For someone who would rather stay in than go out, stay up till all hours and play games it is quite genius.

The funniest bit is playing games online and speaking to other geeks through the ridiculous looking headset…I don’t mind it, There’s a certain satisfaction I get sitting round my house looking like an idiot.

If you’re looking for me my tag is bitsOfBobs…woohoo

Summer Scrabble?

Saturday, April 14th, 2007

Seconds later it was attached to my face!

What a weekend already! Not only have I already had to wear sun tan lotion, I won the sweepstake at work for the Grand National! TIDY! Another day of park crawling and basking in the sunshine until we eventually come to rest in Botanic gardens armed with a huge woolworths bag full of goodies.

Up Words...not Upwards...Up Words...genius

Upwords…brilliant…just like scrabble but you can build ontop of words …I love word Games. Dave and Carolyn, who for some reason decided to cycle 20 miles arrived, stopping only to play a cheap scrabble like alternative. I didn’t win…Eliza did…she by no means deserved it though.

Working Backwards

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

working backwards

I’m always ignoring the backgrounds on every single illustration I do…so this time I’m working backwards. The lines were drawn in flash and the colour filled in Photoshop. Dunno what to put in the foreground…Any Ideas?

Sunshine and Lollipops!

Saturday, April 7th, 2007

all aboard for balloch

Who knew that just over an hour from my own bed I could be on Loch lomond…Ask me…I didn’t! Making the most of the sunshine I took it on myself to adventure. From Queen street you can get a train that takes just over an hour to get to balloch which is right at the mouth of Loch Lomond. Brilliant…I was under the impression I had to get another bus so that worked out well…it only took five minutes to get to the banks.

Balloch itself was nice enough had all the usuals chip shop, curryhouse and pubs (with gardens). Didn’t really bother looking round much, not going to lie.

Picnic Site 1

picnic site 1

Nice choice, went for the classic boots meal deal option (I think we all know it makes sense)

Picnic Site 2

picnic site 2

Classic gollum pose eating an apple (I think this could be the best place I’ve ever eaten an apple (where’s yours?))

On the way home we discover we can get off closer to home and get a bus straight to the front door!


Happy Easter!

Friday, April 6th, 2007

the busy tube this morning

While the rest of the country celebrates easter with either a hangover or mild blindness from the over eating of chocolate…I’ve got to go to work…not that i’m bitter!

Panda as seen in it’s natural Habitat

Thursday, April 5th, 2007

Panda as seen in it's natural Habitat

Great gag…don’t care what anybody says…great gag. Wanted to draw an actual panda then realised they’re not the most exciting animals to draw. Apparently their teeth are so big the have no other facial expresion other than that lazy sit around and eat one they always wear. And why are they black and white? not the most ideal form of camoflage some might say…like I for instance.

The adventures of Dants!

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

the adventures of dants

Over at imperesting they’re writing a novel entirely made from SPAM (not the tasty delicious meat based product that got us through the war, but the sometimes hilarious results of sporadic emails). Not to miss a trick I instantly signed myself up for illustration duty…genius. find out more here.

It’s a huge blue blob!

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

big blue blob

“What’s this cool looking pointless blue blob?” I hear you cry, I’ll tell you it’s my new ps2 controller. Awesome although it does cause severe cramp after about 2 hrs. But function only plays a small part when you can have A COOL LOOKING BLUE BLOB!