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Wii Want More!

Saturday, February 24th, 2007


Well it’s happened…finally finished zelda for my wii. Was quite easy really and a bit of a disappointment. I gave up over 50 hours of my life to complete it…I’ve seen better endings on hollyoaks! I still have to go back and do all the other little bits but now it’s just annoyed me…don’t think i’ll bother.

At least now I have some time to go and play some recently bought bargains (bought from a bargain bin) from Virgin. It’s all the more enjoyable knowing you got change from £1. Although king kong is rubbish…and I haven’t seen the film…only the good bits.

When vegetarians dream

Saturday, February 24th, 2007

the double yolker

Rarely seen in it’s natural habitat the 2 bummed chickens work was done.

I apologise for this ones Epic…ness

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007


here it begins…Friday night in BurgerKing challenged by a burger questioning if I was a real man! I was…I even ate frazzles later on…just incase it wasn’t enough.

After said burger it’s back to train station for An epic weekend in Aviemore. All a bit last minute and a tad random. Armed with enough pants and socks and my nintendo wii, we ventured. Train journey was most enjoyable…no screaming kids and considering we had to change trains at Perth we had tables for both…hoorah.

Arrive in Aviemore and walk through the wilderness to maccas Mum and Dads flat…Awesome! what a place. All the esssentials and a bonus bathroom. Brilliant. Setup the wii and continue to tank the T. At this point I had what could only be described as a eyegraine I collapsed and last I heard was “put on shrek 2” after that I have no idea.


Sat I wake up a new man…I Can see! yes what a result! Bacon sandwichs a must. Macca an early riser has us up at 0930…doesn’t go down very well with Greg (Although an olympic napper, grins through it). More games and festivities then off to the pub to watch football. Football isn’t a favourite of mine not going to lie. Keen I get to the Bar and order a pint only to discover everyone else is having Tea and Coffee. I know who won that argument. Disappointed by the fact there was still heaps of time left in the football match me and Greg went straight to the arcade. Star wars Pod racing a little bit drunk is genius. And also your £1 goes a long way. Final score me 4 Greg 1. Happy with that result it was into town for soup. Greg opted for broccolli and stilton…originally I mocked but it was better than mine and Maccas pea and ham.

Food done it was of for a wee wander round town only to discover this weekend there was a Scottish lib dems conferance on…Later this worked to our advantage. That done with nothing really to find other than Macca nearly taking a picture of Greg in a toilet cubical, only to discover Greg was outside with me (could have been Maccas finest hour). Off to the butchers for a large portion yes. Something about Aviemore turns us all to cavemen and we feel the need to get fred flinstone style steaks. Home, Greg napps. Macca makes an awesome steak. More games prevail and it gets dark. Favourite games include Taboo a game i’ve always seen but never played and that game where the person next to you puts a bit of paper on your head and you have to guess who the person is with only yes and no answers…which by the way is rubbish and by no means a favourite.

Out into town To a pub where Greg thinks he has a contact and the possibility of free booze arisses…no joy but a nice pub all the same. Tainted only by the fact there was a large group of people sitting drinking infront of the toilet door…why would you?!

Drink up and leave, Greg no has pulled another contact…politics related this time. We venture to the cairngorm hotel where there is a lib dem frenzy of booze and dodgy wigs, We blend right in. We decide to stay as It appears a cheeky late licence has come into effect. We wing it until about 2am when we ran out of things to convince the hotel we were staying there…including Gregs genius line “my friends gay” which didn’t work.


Back to the flat where I can’t remember much but we had enough bacon left for breakfast on sunday…

Sunday comes round more bacon and games. Might I recommend the tank game on wii play two people one set of controllers one driving one shooting…made up most of sunday. Then Macca found some more football I went in a huff and played scrabble on my own…I won. All tidied up and back to the train station only to pick up more meat. No table this time so I opt for music and a snooze.

Arrive home just after 8 only to be welcomed by my girlfriend “you smell of meat?” that’s when you know you’ve had a good weekend.

Cupids House Work

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

hoover on

Eliza’s valentines present…A BRAND NEW HOOVER! who says romance is dead…Look at her Go!

Not that it was cold this morning but…

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

fun in the park

And yes I know polar bears and penguins are at opposite ends of the world…

Obese animals?

Monday, February 5th, 2007

fat flamingo

how come you never see fat animals?

Sale now on!

Sunday, February 4th, 2007

H5N1 goodness

whilst on my usual sunday jaunt to the supermarket I spied this. Bernard Matthews wastes no time in cashing in. Needless to say, despite it’s alluring price tag I resisted. But he’s quite cleverly got round it by just adding H5N1 to the list of ingredients round the back. Yum, it maybe be potentially lethal but damn it tastes good! (not their new slogan)


Friday, February 2nd, 2007

lacie brick 250gb hd

Check out this puppy, It’s not very often I get excited about geeky computer stuff, but when they disguise it as some of my favourite toys I get very excited indeed. This is my New 250gb Harddrive. That’s right, It’s a giant USB piece of LEGO…AWESOME I’m practically fizzing with excitement. Where does it go from here? I’ll hopefully get a dvd writer disguised as a giant parma violet.