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I should say oi Ashcroft…..NOOOOO!!!!!

Thursday, November 30th, 2006

bloody richard ashcroft

Just been to see richard ashcroft at the secc, 2 concerts in the same week…who knew? this was a freebee as well. Courtesy of Elizas uni friend Lisa (sorry that’s all the information I have to offer). Was a bit unconvinced by this initially; saw him in his verve days – was indeed awsome, urban hymms and all that jam. Never really bothered by all his solo stuff, read a few interviews with him and thought his was an idiot.

Went out for tea first and I spilt curry all down me, then we had a good walk in the rain. Decided to skip the support band after the bees experience (read below) and I had a cheeky peek at their myspace and it sucked. By the time we got there we couldn’t really be assed but even better we had seats (normally this would be a bad thing but you can’t dance to the ashcroft!). We just caught the end of DJ Wayne who was alright lots of random 70’s funk (safe choice). So it all kicked off and I was quite impressed. It was a new track and all the crowd seemed quite enthusiastic…I was thinking I could be onto a winner here…second song in, sonnet, stroke of genius.

Then his luck changed, played nothing but new tunes…then i started to wander off, looking at the animations wondering what programs they used to make them. God it was boring, Then it become more and more obvious that richard ashcroft thinks he’s god…It just irritated me. They did the usual went off came back on, Then it was like karaoke with richard ashcroft…all the classics, but i just don’t like the man. He even did a version of U.N.K.L.E lonely souls which was a cracking tune but he sung it over what sounded like a tape with no other band members there.

Ashcroft = Idiot (even when desperately clinging to old verve classics)

I love those pesky Bees

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

the bees

I love the bees, better than wasps anyday of the week. Was glad to see they didn’t just fill the room with actual angry bees then just laugh and point and say “you get what you pay for!”, would I have felt the fool. Was in Oran mor, good venue where even my girlfriend could see. Woohoo. For anyone that doesn’t know who the bees are…shame on you. Their first album free the bees was awsome, every song a winner. One of the few albums i have bought others (two to be precise). They previewed some of their new album Octopus sounds as good as the first…would recommend anyone to go and see them if only to go and stand at the bar. The support was rubbish, one of the few gigs i’ve actually turned up early on the off chance the support was as good as the main band.

chips n coleslaw

nearly as good as the chips, cheese and coleslaw we had on the way home…lush.

All work and no play…

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

xbox at work...get in

As if work wasn’t fun enough, stroke of genius on daves behalf for noticing that the monitors we use at work take a video input. We had an xbox floating round the office that nobody used so now it’s taken up residence at my desk. Brilliant. got 4 controllers on it, monkeyball is always a crowd pleaser. Hopefully we’ll get an office nintendo wii, was going to take my gamecube but there’s no room for my bongos…oh the dilemma.

That is proper creepy

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

mr burns

This is macca, Some of you know him some of you don’t. I took this picture at the weekend. I said “smile” however, somewhere down the line macca interpreted this as “do your best Mr Burns impression”. freaky. Also his forehead goes upward for another 6ft but it wouldn’t fit.

Jesus, where is his woodwork and how much would you get for it on ebay?

Thursday, November 16th, 2006

weird wiki jesus birthday

how funny was this, Was looking for people born on Christmas day. Went straight to wikipedia cause you know where you stand with wikipedia. Looked through the list. Ignored jesus on the first pass (is that a sin) scooched back up the top and read his description…nearly cried with laughter. Sent it on to a few people who didn’t get the joke…turns out when i refreshed my page it had disappeared. weird/hilarious.

Screamin Jay Hawkins

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

Recently been using this is genius. Apparently it’s been round for ages i’ve just chose to ignore it. Seems like they have every song under the sun and you basically choose some tags to search from whether it be genres or bands and it fires back a continuous stream of awsome music. It’s like one of your mates who says “if you like that you’ll love this album i bought the other day” , but never actually gives you it… delivers the goods with lots of random results it’s awsome. Also managed to find a plugin for wordpress which shows you what i’ve been listening to (over on the right)…Brilliant!

This is where i had my first encounter with Screamin Jay hawkins…this guy is genius…heard a load of his music and it was awsome, but i think the video just backs it all up. He’s like some weird voodoo james brown.

That’s ma Dawg!

Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

my dog jess johnson

That’s my dog, technically my parents…don’t think I could handle looking after a dog…I struggle enough feeding myself and taking myself for walks.

Drew this up in flash…sketched it out first but it looked a tad too sketchy and flash was struggling to keep up with my wacom. Drawing hairs a new one on me, and to be honest wasn’t much fun…couldn’t be arsed drawing a background…can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Upstairs downstairs

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

flash illustration rob johnson

Was looking to start up some sort of comic…not as easy as you think, or as i think anyway. this took over 2hrs. Drawn in flash using my wacom tab. hair is harder to draw than faces…who knew!

this has lost some of the details which i had to painstakingly draw, the jpg compression has turned it into an area of blur…noted for future

Obese Gloves?

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

thoughtless flash illustration rob johnson glasgow

Any exscuse to doodle is a good one. Tried an experiment, write down a list of words as soon as the come into your head. Had quite distrubing results when it fired back (to name but a few). Midgets, darts and bisto! I’m sure i’d be locked up if a psychologist got their hands on it.

Scary Biscuits!

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

Urgh dead me

Thought i’d go out in town for halloween instead of most haunted. My girlfriend had a party to go to so I invited myself. Nipped out at lunch time to find some face paints (see results above) The instructions made it quite straight forward however what they didn’t say was how much you had to go at it to get its easy 3 step results. Spent the best part of 2 hrs infront of the mirror doing my make-up. Bit of role reversal right there. Eliza went as a cat, I went as a dead me (see results above). Went to Boho…it was rubbish. Some quality halloween outfits though, Top of the list was a woolworths superman outfit aged 7-11 on a grown man quickly followed by the super mario bros (not really scary). And even better it washes off so i don’t have to go to work looking like a Pleb…Hoorah