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Live Long and Prosper

Monday, October 30th, 2006

Live Long & Prosper

Just been back at my Folks for the weekend. Ticked all the right boxes, Including my mum and dad’s infamous sunday roast…Yum. Did my usual of sitting about and sifting through the huge chest of old photos when I stumbled upon this beauty. A picture of Me and my Grandad (Shortly after I won a beautiful baby contest (probably wasn’t but just thought someone should know)). I’m not a huge fan of Star Trek, can’t even do that thing with the fingers now, so god knows how it became a photo opportunity…genius.

Right turn Clyde

Monday, October 16th, 2006

flash illustrated monkey

Was just having a flick through my blog when i noticed there were no pictures or references to monkeys. And I think we all know, viewing web pages without monkeys is just boring and pointless. Another bit of flash illustration. Tried it in colour…it looked rubbish…sometimes colour is overated…Especially when it’s easier just not to use any.

Also i know the movie reference is for an orangutan but they’re also difficult to draw…and ginger. Do you get non ginger orangutans?

Crap Pose.Nice Pic

Friday, October 13th, 2006

flash illustration of just me and some crayons

Not a great deal of thought went into this…not gonna lie. Just me and crayons! woohoo. Me, drawn in flash then the crayons taken into photoshop then using the stamp filter reduces it to black and white. Took that into Flash made it a movie then just played around with the advanced colour settings until I found me a winner. I love crayons! I’ve never seen anyone draw anything any good with crayons though (excluding children…no offence)…is it Myth?

Grinding the Axe!

Friday, October 13th, 2006

My fancy shiny new plastic geetar

There is a thin line between being a geek and thinking your cool however the line where you get respect for actually being cool is a very long way away. A new toy arrived at the office while I was away, and my was it in a substantial box. A birthday present from my brother…A stroke of genius on his behalf. I would like to make it known now that he had one before me (both of us now claim to play the guitar). Had to put it back in the huge box and carry it home just for the sheer embarrassment of being seen to have bought a 2/3 sized plastic guitar for my playstation…I think i got away with it. Now my fingers ache…how rock ‘n’ roll is that?

Completed it on easy and was particularly proud of my rendition of Bostons more than a feeling…Rock on!

Ave it More!

Thursday, October 12th, 2006

Just back from Aviemore…Once again thanks to Macca for the hospitality. A bigger turn out than last year, infact at one point it had more than doubled! The usual of sitting round a chalet in whatever you went to bed in the night before playing games and drinking coffee to desperately avoid a hangover played a large part of it. Arrived on saturday just enough time to go to the shops and buy enough beer and meat to fill a spare car. The sit down watch an exciting England draw and see Scotland beat France 1-0…Genius. Then it’s off to Cafe Mambo The Hip and Happening pub where last year we got lots of free drinks…no joy this year. Clock hits 11 whole pub gets up and leaves…Off to the only nightclub Aviemore has to offer…The VAULTS!! lots of happy hardcore dancing fuelled by our £120 kitty. Which by the way ended up with some comedy dancing and the bulk of us leving the club only to fall 2ft into nettles! Tommy Hart takes the worst of it and Christerry failing to see the potential hazard throws Sam McMillan in thinking he’s just Won a game. Walk home in the dark only to get lost but miraculously end up home.

Aviemore cheesy album covers

Next morning slightly rough, lots of coffee and itchy nettle…ness. Eventually all up and out and go for a wander round Loch an Eilein, Just What the doctor ordered fresh air and the oppertunity to throw your friends in a loch. Fully recovered it’s back for more booze and games then off to the local pub quiz. Came 4th which was pretty good considering about 15 teams played and some were clearly substituting the fun element for serious competition. Back home more Booze and Games. Repeat morning ritual of Coffee and Crap dvds maybe some golf (the computer kind not the real deal).

Monday is sports day…Over to The sports centre we clamber for squash, badminton and some swimming. At this point I realise despite all the drinking and silly dancing I am quite unfit and struggling to keep up with the competition. Lose most of the games and go in a huff with Macca as he’s too tall and good at badminton. sweat out a good 3 pints then back to the chalet for games and booze.Tommy leaves us (5 people left, an awkward number for game playing) I cook T and the chalet smells over-whelmingly of cauliflower. Off out back to Cafe Mambo for quiet drinks…Eventually Thrown out and realise there is no possible way we could have got lost on the way home the night before. Back for games and booze.

Aviemore cycle death trap

Tuesday is adventure day…We head into the middle of no-where hire big fancy mountain bikes and head off BMX bandits style into the hills. At this point it’s noticed again how much of a role fitness has to play, and again how much i lack it. Knock up a good 15m round trip round a couple of lochs stopping only for jaffa cakes and to repair maccas puncture. Also included were river walks, sam going over his handle bars and cycling on a sandy beach. We pelt home on the main road everyone is knackered and suffering from the saddle. We get home go swimming then back on the booze and out for T. We all have starters, burgers and deserts undoing all of todays good work. Ross leaves…man down 4 is a better number. Back to the chalet for more beer and games…At this point it’s a struggle, the late nights and early mornings have destroyed everyone so basically we all drink until we pass out.

Next day we have to tidy the chalet and try and shift the cauliflower stench i emitted 2 days ago then sadly we leave. Alot of hilarious details have been missed mostly due to alcohol…for this i Apologise.

For all involved i salute you…

Beyond the Itch!

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

Allergy releif god dammit!

Something in my flat is driving me crazy (I’ve ran tests…It’s not my girlfriend)! For some reason my eyes have been itchy, and I’ve been sneezing like a crazy fool. Anyway, went and picked up some generic run of the mill style allergy tablets which seem to be doing the job. While bored had a quick read of handy leaflet that I’ve always ignored in the past. Made a riviting read; there’s a lot of boring stuff that goes without saying but the best bits were the side effects…Get this:

Above are the best bits. May Cause Allergic reactions? How does that work? Basically it causes even worse symptoms than you had already…Now i’m no doctor…But…

May cause Depression and nightmares? Who reports dreams as a medical side effect? And how bad was the dream in the first place that they thought it was relevant? I think they should be more specific, other peoples nightmares are always hilarious.

My other favourite is: causes excitation in children and confusion in the elderly. How thin is this line? Why not excitation in the elderly? Children are always confused anyway. Is confusion even an official diagnosis? Can you go to the doctor and just say your “confused”? Again needs to be more specific, like causes confusion and may result in trying to eat through your nose.

I’ve just realised how ridiculous this is (these pills might be making me a little crazy).


Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

Now i need to go and buy 8 treadmills!