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I’ve had it with these Mother f***ing words on this Mother f***ing website

Friday, August 18th, 2006

Snakes on a plane

Just been to see Snakes on a Plane…genius. You have approximately 2 days to go and see it before it loses all of its novelty….go run!


Friday, August 18th, 2006

The Baldwins

Name those pesky Baldwins…Not as easy you think


Thursday, August 17th, 2006


Some of you know this man, some of you don’t….I do. For safety and legal reasons we’ll call him macca. I’ve known him for years and as the picture suggests…This man needs food…Look at his eyes….FEED HIM. I’m on a mission to get this man fat…Mostly because it would be hilarious. You can’t tell from this picture but he’s a good 6ft and about 3inchs thick. So come on…sign up and get him fat. I’ve already told him i will pay for all his food and medical bills. Join Me…and GET MACCA MAAAASIVE!


Thursday, August 10th, 2006

wasps...hate them

Wasps…what’s the point in wasps? good question, I’ll tell you…none whatsoever. Every other bug seems to have a use somewhere even if it only to be on the bottom of the food chain. But what eats wasps?…I’ll tell you, nothing. I hate them. Bees at least Die if they sting you…how do Bees know this? at least they make honey. What do wasps do…I’ll tell you, nothing. There are not many insects i’d own up to killing (not that i’m hiding anything) but wasps are on that list of one. They are lossers. Join the reveloution…Down with Wasps…Up with Bees.

Oxygen 8

Thursday, August 10th, 2006


This thing is genius, I have no musical talent of any sort other than I own a load of CDs so must have picked some up on the way. I think my theory may have flaws in it but it’s good fun all the same. M-Audios Oxygen 8 keyboard hooks up through USB 2.0 and needs no power cable…GENIUS! It integrates quite nicely into Reason 3.0 you can map all the knobs to whatever you want. Not really bothered though cause i’ve found out making music is not as easy as you think. Made loads of little annoying 10 second loops for my flash site but struggling after that.

It’s relatively easy to pick up and set up, Also having no knowledge of how to play the piano doesn’t really hinder you any (it would help of course) but there is only so many renditions of “when the saints go marching in” you can do before it wears a bit thin.

There are loads of instruments built into reason 3.0 but the best fun is putting them through mad squelchy filters. All in all great fun and would recommend it to anyone even just for a laugh…I’ve had many a night with it hooked up through my stereo doing a bit of improv. It’s certainly an eye opener into how much effort goes into making a song…even 2Unlimited…whoop


Thursday, August 10th, 2006

My First Wacom

Bought this a while ago but it’s worth a mention, my Volito 2 wacom tab for a measly £40 from John Lewis. Only snag is it’s PC only, however after looking online was informed through some preference jiggery pokery would work fine…these turned out to be lies. The next one up is around £75 and is dual platform but i went against it and bought a PC instead…unfortunately not for the difference.

Once installed it’s adds pressure sensitive options to both flash and Photoshop. These are awsome. The amount of time i spent with a mouse trying to make something look hand drawn or playing around with line weight endlessly undoing…made me feel the fool. It makes photoshop a doddle for cutting out stuff. Takes a bit of getting used to and you’ll no doubt delete and move a few files by accident first. But go on…Go for it…essential for doodling.

Don’t be fooled though the pen doesn’t magically float like that, but it might on the more expensive one.

Old Skool Doodles

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

Flying Saucers

Did this about 6 years ago, not that i’m struggling to fill my site with content…Honest 🙂

There’s Johnny!

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

The Shining

Did this a couple of years back, all drawn in flash

Hello world!

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

Crumbs Rob Johnson has a blog…Right about now i have to figure out how to use this interweb thing before i can write anything vaguely witty…

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