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Friday, June 21st, 2013


A rather lovely bit of work fell out the doors of dogdigital this morning, I was lucky enough to illustrate up the whole job. It was a mammoth task as every element was hand drawn.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of T in the park we made a series of facebook apps, the illustration was designed specifically for facebook and can be found here, if however facebook isn’t your thing you can also play a web version here. You’re looking for 30 artists hidden somewhere in the crowd, head on over you might even win some VIP tickets!

Big thanks to all the designers at Dog who chipped in with the equally as massive job of colouring in and all the geeky developers with their facebook voodoo.


Guest @ Grays

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Last year I was asked to do a talk at Gray’s school of art to the students about some of my process and design in general. I had never done any kind of public speaking before this but jumped at the chance, I prepared a visual presentation to follow but didn’t write anything and just winged it. I don’t really need to explain any more you get the gist if you watch the video. This was my rather lovely but intimidating view…I should point out it was full when I did the talk 🙂


After my talk I gave a workshop on doodle gifs in photoshop, it was a great experience and great to meet all the students who were brimming with enthusiasm and see some of the great work that’s coming out of Grays.

It’s worth having a look through the archives of Guest @ grays they have had some great guest speakers, you can find them all here.

Night Vs Day | Episode 1

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Night Vs Day | Episode 1 from bitsOfBobs on Vimeo.

My everyday job is animation and illustration but rarely do the two fields meet, It’s either my static illustrations or animating someone else’s illustrations/designs. I took it upon myself to make a self initiated animation project that would show all aspects of what I do.

Growing up I loved nothing better than rifling through the far side, short, sharp, surreal but ultimately hilarious cartoons. I wanted to make something which had the same impact but animated.

I had the idea walking to work one day, nocturnal animals…what do thy do during the day? Now I know the answer is sleep, but that’s not funny. I wanted to show the truth about what Britain’s wildlife gets up to while you think it’s sleeping, so Night Vs Day was born. What will be a series of short animations by myself.

All the line work is hand drawn and and animated using combinations of photoshop, flash and after effects. This has been a long time in the making and made between various other commitments and work.

Everything you see/hear was made by myself Rob Johnson, you can see more examples of my work at

csbl x bitsOfBobs

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

I am very excited to announce I have been made a featured artist over on caseable. After getting my Laptop case made up I entered it into a competition they were running over on their facebook page…IT WON! The lovely people over at caseable returned my money (that was the prize) and we got to talking as I had a few other designs they might be interested in. A few weeks passed and a few more doodles later and now I’m a featured artist.

If you don’t know about caseable it’s a great service that takes your designs and turns them into all sorts of cases & covers that you can fully customise. I ordered my lego laptop case for my macbook and as you can see it came out awesome. The build quality was perfect, I’m very proud to be part of something so fun and unique. I’ve a few more designs you might not have seen yet as well as a few others arriving soon, head on over and see what’s happening. You can find my artist page here.

Laptops covered

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

It’s with a rather large amount of excitement I can introduce a little something I’ve been working on, Laptop/device cases. Much more practical than that laptop case actually made of lego. For a while now I’ve been looking into all sorts of avenues to apply some of my designs to, this is one I’ve wanted to do for a while. None of these are repeat patterns they are all hand drawn in all their lovely shoogly/squiffyness.

This was ordered from which is a Brooklyn based company as I couldn’t find anywhere else closer to home that made them to the quality finish I wanted. Brooklyn as you can imagine is quite a bit over the water so this turned out to be quite an expensive exercise, it did arrive in a 17″ “freshly baked in Brooklyn” pizza box which I can reveal nearly pushed me over the edge.

Now I have a product I’m looking to have some made here in the uk also using social media will hopefully drum up some useful contacts/exposure to make it happen. So it’s a bit of a call out really, are their any product designers or such that could recommend the next steps? I’m looking into materials and realise there is still quite a lot more cost involved before this becomes a reality but it’s the internet…anything can happen…right?

I’ve put some bigger pictures up on my flickr for the geeks.


Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Hey everyone, I’m very happy to unleash a little side project I’ve been working on since I went freelance…BAWS! It’s just a bit of fun to get me rich quick if i’m honest. I had made the mechanism to randomly select lottery numbers years ago but never had the time to do anything with it. After turning freelance I decided to make the time. I started by designing 49 individual characters (no easy task) but turned out to be great fun. Each little character was then animated and brought to life before stringing the whole thing together. I even made some music for it. I’d love to actually make some of them but wouldn’t even know where to start…If someone can make me number 18 that would be great.

I don’t really play the lottery if i’m honest but I think we would all like to win it. So have fun playing with my baws and goodluck!*

You can find the site here.

and also if you want to just look at the characters you can see them all here.

*If you do win big time can you make me number 18 and buy me one of these…thanks

Dinky doodle device decorations

Monday, January 16th, 2012

iPad | iPhone3 | iPhone4 | 1900×1200 | 1280×1024 | A4 colouring in

iPad | iPhone3 | iPhone4 | 1900×1200 | 1280×1024 | A4 colouring in

iPad | iPhone3 | iPhone4 | 1900×1200 | 1280×1024 | A4 colouring in

I have been a busy bunny of late, which is great for the start of a new year I assumed it would be quite quiet. In between all this work stuff I’ve been trying to make time for more fun stuff. The difficulty being now there’s a baby to look after. I’m not one for new years resolutions (i’m more for the do’s than don’ts) but at some point this year I would very much like to try and get some sort of online shop up and running. Over Christmas I had a great time off with the wife and little one so have been putting together plans of what’s next…it’s all very exciting. For the time being I’ve made some dinky doodle device decorations to make your devices that bit more sexy than they previously were. These were all hand drawn and no duplication or patterns were used. You should be able to find the size you need below the graphic. Now i’m a dad and all, I’ve added an A4 version with just the lines so your kids (or you) can print it out and colour it in. The graphics above are cropped they’re actually massive.

How to be smart school councillor

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

I did a little work for the guys over at Involver. The brief was to design a 16 page booklet for kids age 7-11 on how to be a smart school councillor. All the artwork was hand drawn and coloured in photoshop.

you can find out more over on their website.

The Forgotten Island

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Ladies & Gentlemen I proudly present to you…THE FORGOTTEN ISLAND. It’s been a long time in the making and a lot of hard work from everyone involved. The work was for the lovely Toads Caravan, an ace studio I’m working out of so big thanks to them for everything including all their lovely designs and ace site. None of this would exist however if it wasn’t for GIANT, an amazing Glasgow based company that provides children under 12 with curious and unexpected arts experiences. It’s really their vision and inspiration that made this project what it is, so big (Giant almost) thanks to them for that and making the project so fun.

The project brief was to support the forgotten Island, a mysterious Island that’s appearing somewhere in Glasgow…it’s all very mysterious and if you want to find out more go have a read over on the site.

Together with Toads Caravan we designed a game based around each of the environments on the island. Each section had it’s own little character and these were great fun to animate. The environments were huge amounts of photoshop, and…well…mad. The whole project was great fun, start to finish. So please take a few minutes head on over and play the game. More important than this though…VISIT the island! once it’s appeared of course.


Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

The day time detective, if you’re ill there’s nothing better (other than maybe drugs). You never find out Columbos first name, apparently only his wife knew. Imagine knowing someone only by their last name…he’s at it. Apparently it’s Frank and I’m no detective. Might do a series of these day time detectives, there’s loads of great characters!