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DIY ukulele

Monday, August 26th, 2013


I was given this Ukulele kit for my birthday (thanks guys!) and my word was I excited about making it. I had never seen these and can’t even tell you where it came from as it was a present. The instructions were easy to follow and the actual bits are surprising well made, even if you were to build it without painting, it would still look great. The great thing about the set is it’s all completely blank so you can paint it up before fixing it together (be aware of this when laying out designs). The neck connects to the body with a wooden dove joint (be warned though the kit doesn’t come with wood glue which is necessary) and most of the other fixtures are screwed in place. It doesn’t make a lot of mess to build which is nice, I just made mine in front of the tv. The wood glue does take 24hrs to set and must be held tightly in place while doing so.


I worked back from what acrylics I had, I painted everything a base white first which didn’t take long at all. Then I sketched out some fridge magnet letters (making sure that randomly a swear word did not appear) after this I drew lines over the top with a 0.8 uni pin marker. I left it as it was but there is the option of giving it a clear gloss finish to seal it in. Biggest problem I have now is tuning it, I play guitar and can tune that but am struggling, for time being a certain little someone seems happy enough with it.


you can find a bigger picture to have a proper nosey up on my flickr.

Bitsofbobs charity shop vinyl

Monday, September 26th, 2011

I’ve been accumulating quite a lot of charity shop vinyl, it seems a shame to keep it all to myself. I’ve been getting back into flash recently and thought what better way of sharing it all with you than to make a little gallery. Something I can easily update, just a bit of fun. You can find bitsofbobs charity vinyl here

The real thing steel band

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Recently I’ve started trawling charity shops for bargain vinyl. It amazes me you can pick it up so cheap. I love the fact there is no order to anything it’s just a big pile of random chaos. I bought this album, above is the first track. I had a look around online and couldn’t find it anywhere so I felt the need to rip it for your ears. I love steel band music, I think it’s because it all sounds so happy or like a super mario game. This is from the real thing steel band (1970) called so for their drums which seem to be made from old coca cola steel drums. I love it, every track has an introduction.


Sunday, August 21st, 2011

It’s my birthday today, just turned a whopping 30! Enough of that though, I hate fuss which is why i’m having a nice quiet one with the Mrs. Surrounded by all the things I feel like i’ve not had time for recently because of busy work, good books, ace music and plenty of art supplies…perfect.

What’s with the doodle? this is the album cover to the Bluetones, expecting to fly…one of my favourite albums so it felt right to reminisce of days gone by now i’m proper old. I have an older brother and 3 sisters who all very much influenced me in terms of what music I listened to, this was one of the first albums I bought after they all left home and I was left to fend for myself. It should have been my first gig also but I had to make a choice between that and the manic street preachers at the music hall in Aberdeen (06/10/96 I still have the ticket) but couldn’t afford both.

I’ll take this time to thank all the people who have wished me happy birthday and would like to say a special thanks to my ace wife who at the moment is very much pregnant (due Oct) and has been suffering pretty much every morning with extreme morning sickness, got up this morning and cooked me breakfast. Much love x

Let’s Roll!

Friday, July 15th, 2011

You know what I love? a good dance…or at least some form of upbeat funky music to do mundane chores to. I’ve never been to a roller disco…but I know for a FACT I’d love it. So I’ve made a soundtrack to an imaginary one, you can find it on spotify here. LET’S ROLL!

Screamin Jay Hawkins

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

Recently been using this is genius. Apparently it’s been round for ages i’ve just chose to ignore it. Seems like they have every song under the sun and you basically choose some tags to search from whether it be genres or bands and it fires back a continuous stream of awsome music. It’s like one of your mates who says “if you like that you’ll love this album i bought the other day” , but never actually gives you it… delivers the goods with lots of random results it’s awsome. Also managed to find a plugin for wordpress which shows you what i’ve been listening to (over on the right)…Brilliant!

This is where i had my first encounter with Screamin Jay hawkins…this guy is genius…heard a load of his music and it was awsome, but i think the video just backs it all up. He’s like some weird voodoo james brown.